2017 Water Ionizer of the Year

Welcome to our Annual Ionizer of the Year award! We decided to share with you our top water ionizer picks to help you in your shopping experience. We implemented the same strict criteria that we used for our Crowning Three Companies found in our Buyer’s Guide. These include plates (number, size and plate material), filtration, power source, power levels and adjustability based on source water and warranty.

Here at ionizerresearch.com, we put a lot of work into researching and finding the best water ionizer for you and your family. You are our top priority! Our mission is to protect you, the buyer. We came across this scary website (youprotect.org/leadwarning) warning about poisonous lead plates. Yikes! We want to be sure that you the consumer are aware of these hazards.

We feel like we owe it to the public to share what we uncovered and we are determined to find the best water ionizer out there each and every year, just as we always have.

We have tried to find a new ionizer brand that can compete with Tyent, our top pick in our Buyer’s Guide, but we continue to fall for Tyent each time because of their customer service and their advancements. We had a few questions about the adjustability features of the new ACE-11 ionizer we tested. We called Tyent and they answered all of our questions and were very knowledgeable. Kudos to them! We were super impressed, as always! Tyent USA continues to knock our socks off during our scientific testing. Every unit from Tyent USA considerably outperformed every other popular water ionizer brand on the market. Now let’s get to our winner!


Introducing Our 2017 Winner

Tyent USA has been making water ionizers for over 20 years.  Here are some of our favorite aspects of the company.

  • They have an A+ rating with the BBB, which is a reflection that this company goes above and beyond for its customers.  We take BBB ratings very seriously because to us it means that a company will go above and beyond for their customers.
  • Tyent is a trend setter and responsible for the introduction of Turbo functions, SMPS Plus power supplies and ultra pure filtration.  All of these features help to ensure that you get the safest, cleanest and healthiest water.
  • All Tyent ionizers include the most plate surface area and thickest plates in the industry. This means that your ionized alkaline water will be packed with free-radical fighting, anti-aging antioxidants. Plus, all of their plates are dipped multiple times in platinum to ensure safety and quality.
  • Tyent USA offers a zero stipulation LIFETIME WARRANTY for their ionizers. This proves to us that they stand behind their machines. As a customer of Tyent, you will be taken care of and never have to worry!
  • Tyent USA offers a 75-day trial period for their machines, one of the longest in the industry. Great units, great service, great support, no wonder we are fans of Tyent USA.

2017 Water Ionizer of the Year

Winning Countertop Unit

The ACE-11 is by far the top performing countertop on the market. In our scientific tests, the Tyent ACE-11 scored highest in all of the categories. The ACE-11 features a faster flow rate, front-loading filters and a smartphone-inspired touchscreen. The ACE-11 is also smaller than the MMP-11, which frees up some room on your countertop. We were also thrilled about the center dispenser spout which allows you to position your machine on either side of your sink. The ACE-11 outperformed all other brands in our lab tests, including the Enagic SD-501. If top performance, safety, aesthetics, customer service and warranty are important features for you, then this is your unit.

2017 Water Ionizer of the Year

Note-Worthy Countertop Unit

The MMP-11 countertop unit is still one of our favorites. This machine continues to impress us with its performance. The MMP-11 has contains the titanium plates dipped multiple times in platinum, large dual filters and excellent adjustability options. We’re still thinking of you, MMP-11!

2017 Water Ionizer of the Year

Winning Under-the-Counter Unit

We are sticking with our favorite familiar friend, the UCE-11 from Tyent USA for our winner. The Tyent UCE-11 is our top ionizer pick because this expertly designed unit combines the highest level of style and performance. The UCE-11 has the smartphone-inspired touchscreen that we’ve come to love. Just like all of the ionizers in Tyent’s 11-series, the UCE-11 contains solid/mesh hybrid titanium plates dipped several times in platinum, two huge filters and an excellent flow rate.

2017 Water Ionizer of the Year

So there you have it folks! Tyent USA is still the company to beat! We are so in love with the new ACE-11 and are still crazy about the MMP-11 and UCE-11. These water ionizers are simply the best of the best.

Please check out our Buyer’s Guide for a more detailed look on water ionizer machines. We would also love for you to give us a call at 1-877-878-7220 if you have any questions or would simply like to chat. We wish you a happy, healthy and hydrated 2017!

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