Alkaline Athletes: A New Playing Field!

On the field, alkalinity matters! Being able to throw the ball farther, run for longer, and keep your energy levels high as the hours of play wind down means taking your game to a whole other level! Too often we will engage in sports and find out the hard way how well we treat our body (or don’t.) Today we take a look at how ionized alkaline water can make a huge difference in how we play!

alkaline lady A dozen sports.. one alkaline solution.

No matter what your game is, having a fully hydrated and alkaline body can pay massive dividends. Having your cells bursting with liquid energy means you can push harder, for longer! In soccer, for example – stamina is of HUGE importance! Having an alkaline body means you have energy to burn! While the other guys are slowing down, you are still pouring on the pressure – a massive advantage.. for any sport!

Increased concentration!

When you don’t have to worry about the creaks and cracks of your body, you can focus on the game at hand. If your body is crying out for care, how can you truly concentrate – let alone operate – on a higher level of competition? With ionized alkaline water as your support, count on a body that will aid your focus instead of hindering it! It’s worth the simple upgrade in water to reap benefits in just about EVERY aspect of your life! 

alkaline familyAlkaline water and you = the perfect team!

Not only does ionized alkaline water prep you before, during, and after the game – but it also helps you lose the weight that can slow you down mid-match. Tons of accumulated acidic toxins are expelled from the body as you continue to drink alkaline water. Unhealthy fats can be the first thing to go – leaving you slim, energized and ready to hit the field!

If you feel a water ionizer-sized hole in your life, now’s a good time to check out our 2014 Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide. It has all the info you need to keep you at the tip-top of your game. Treat your body as well as you want to feel! And be a good sport about it!

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