Alkaline Athleticism: The One Thing You Are Doing Wrong

Whether you run, walk, play a sport, or enjoy a good swim – being active is one of the most rewarding things one can do for themselves. But… chances are.. you’re doing it wrong. If you’re still settling for regular old bottled (or even worse, tap) water – you’re simply making a huge mistake. Why? Because you are only semi-hydrating!

alkaline girlAlkalinity is the key. 

If you eat convenience food, you most likely have an acidic pH level. When your body is burdened by excess acids, it simply can’t function as well. That means when you’re hitting the circuit, or the football field, or even the yoga mat – you aren’t operating at full capacity! When you FEEL what your body is capable of, you’ll understand why we are so nutty about health over here at IR! The difference between a body that is acidic and a body that is slightly alkaline is day and night. Gone is the sloth-like feeling of crashing after work, replaced with a natural energy that will redefine your “normal”. 

Your alkaline ionizer has got your back. 

An alkaline water ionizer summed up in one word? “Woah.” It’s like: not only do you have the healthiest available water in unlimited quantities – but as your body begins to re-balance its pH, you’ll find getting healthier is getting even easier. When your body pH levels are ideal, your body is able to make full use of the nutrients that you are feeding it. An overly acidic body can have trouble digesting, let alone achieving deep rest and recuperation. Changing something like the water you drink can have HUGE implications on your daily life. All flows from your body – so doesn’t it make sense that what flows IN to your body should be the best there is?

alkaline womanAn ionizer can change your mind!

The mental benefits that you gain from an alkaline body are beyond measure. Your body doesn’t have to deal with handling all of the acidic buildup it’s used to, and the result is incredible energy and incredible mental focus. Your body IS capable of vitality beyond your imagination – and it all depends on how you treat it. Still drinking tap water? Check out the 2015 line of alkaline water ionizers, rated and reviewed by our IR team here!



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