Alkaline in Academics: Does It Make A Difference?

31091114_sDoes it really matter how healthy you are when you’re in school? Allow me to defer to the scientists – who give a resounding “YES.”

If your body is sapped of nutrients, your brain won’t exactly be firing on all cylinders. Those with heavy, acidic buildup in their bodies often experience long periods of fatigue, laziness and overall “blah”ness. How’s one supposed to absorb, understand and integrate all you learn in school when your body has trouble keeping it’s eyes open? Exactly! Not to mention the decreased recuperation that comes with sleeping in an unhealthy body. It’s a spiral of low-energy living that constantly recreates itself!

Alkaline water does the mind good!

So how do you avoid having a low-energy body and life? The answer lies in the same way you created it: what you fuel your body with! The more you eat and drink acidic junk, the more that stuff begins to make up your body. If you want to experience how FREAKIN’AMAZING your body is meant to feel, you’ve got to fuel your body with alkaline food and water! In rebalancing your body’s acidic levels, you’ll begin to clear out the old stagnant junk – and make way for the brilliant vitality of the new.

alkaline smileAn ionizer can make all the difference!

You have to feel it to believe it. “It” in this case being your body’s natural state of health! If you’ve lived on convenience food and water for the majority of your life, you may have never even felt what it means to feel truly healthy. Ionized alkaline water makes sure that the water your body is ingesting is of the absolute highest degree – there’s no water out there that is better for you. With an alkaline water ionizer, you’re free to have as much of this premium water as you want! This applies to your whole family as well – even your pets! Absolutely anyone can benefit from having a cleaner, more alkaline body!

For more information on the best ionizers of the year (for any budget) check out our 2015 Ionizer Buyer’s Guide. We’ve done the heavy lifting and have researched all the best offerings in the ionizer field. You don’t deserve to live a half-life! Get healthy and feel every aspect of your life change in accordance. You’re worth it!


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