Alkaline Pets: How To Get Tails Wagging!

Fido’s fur lacking in shine? Sparky isn’t as energetic as he used to be? While having a pet’s activity decline is very often chalked up to old age, the truth may actually be closer to their water dish. The detrimental effects of having an acidic internal environment are not limited to humans. Even the family pet needs to be properly hydrated and maintain balanced pH levels! Drinking crystal-clear, ultra-healthy alkaline water helps give these incredible benefits – and this doesn’t just apply to you or me!

The cancer rate for pets is rising more and more.

happy alkaline puppyAs chemical byproducts find their way into pet food, water, and the atmosphere – disease rates are going up.  As the world gets more polluted, it’s up to us to ramp up the measures we take to preserve the health of our beloved pets. Making sure your pet is ingesting balanced, alkaline-pH water means that you are taking active counter-measures against the increasing level of toxicity in the environment – stuff Fido’s body isn’t meant to process! In doing so, expect to see shinier fur, a better pet smell, and a happier pooch!

Water Ionizers: Man’s Best Friend’s Best Friend.

Pets that are prone to diseases can fully benefit from drinking ionized water. While on a diet of drinking restructured alkaline water, pets have been known to show no more signs of re-occuring diseases, such as urinary tract infections and achy joints! Mental benefits are common too, with pets experiencing an increase in energy, happiness, mood, and even memory! Pets have also been known to turn away from regular tap water after experiencing the incredible water from an ionizer!

Alkaline water helps on the farm too.

happy alkaline cowsMany farmers have discovered the technique of feeding alkaline water to their livestock to ensure a healthy and hardy range of animals. Horses and cows suffering from joint pain and lack of energy have been fed a steady supply of alkaline water, and soon thereafter the pain and sluggishness vanished! In certain dairy farms, scientists experimented to see just how much alkaline water would help the livestock and yields. After seeing the incredible results, they concluded that alkaline water not only made the cows healthier – but made their milk yield much larger and higher quality! The means that the water ionizer’s use was not only highly therapeutic, but also a great financial boost for the farms.

We only have a limited time to spend with our furry loved ones, and we should treat their health with the highest regard! A healthier pet means a happier you! (and less chewed-up couches.)



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