Alkaline Skin: Healthy From The Inside Out

As the trees lose their sleeves of snow, we lose our layers too! It’s the time of year where we start to show a little more skin. So, how can we make sure that our skin is at it’s most natural and radiant? Before turning to potentially effective-but-toxic chemical lotions and such, consider a much more natural and healthy approach – letting an alkaline water ionizer take your skin’s health to the next level!

Keep yourself alkaline on the inside..

skin alkaline beautyHydration isn’t just skin-deep. Making sure you are deeply hydrated will show in your deeply smooth and soft skin! Beautiful skin starts with making sure your body isn’t gasping for nutrition, and water is the #1 thing a body needs. You simply can’t have great skin and have a severely dehydrated body. When you start to give body the pure alkaline water that comes from an ionizer, several things start to happen. A flood of healthy antioxidants start to flush the body, helping to eject toxins and free radicals. The microclustered alkaline water fills every cell with real hydration, and the effect starts to ripple outwards – from the cells to internal tissues to bones to your skin!

..While acidic ionized water keeps your skin protected on the outside!

alkaline smile beauty skinAny alkaline water ionizer worth its salt boasts a feature that provides you with lightly acidic ionized water that you can use for quite a bit of things. When you apply the acidic water to your skin, it helps to clear up infection sites quicker – as well as sooth irritated skin. This is crucial, because the number 1 reason skin stays irritated is because it is so darn tough to leave it alone! Scratching irritated skin only makes it more susceptible to infection, and although it provides short-term relief – you aren’t doing yourself any favors in the long run. With ionized acidic water, your skin gets instant AND lasting relief – making it a lot easier for you to let it heal!

As we let our skin show more this spring, remember that it is vitally important to keep your skin hydrated – not just for cosmetic reasons – but also because dehydrated skin is more prone to cellular damage! Start the sunny year right and keep up a good skincare routine throughout the summer! If you haven’t yet gotten yourself a water ionizer, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you in our 2014 Ranking Charts! Take a look and find which ionizer is right for you. Happy sunbathing!

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