Alkaline Water.. Your Anti-Pollutant!

healthy alkaline childWe’d like to think that when we eat junk food – or anything toxic and acidic – that it gets enjoyed and then passes right through us. This isn’t necessarily the case. A lot of acidic food and beverage can lead to an accumulation of toxins that can slow your body down, making you feel tired and sluggish! Don’t feel bad! This happens to almost all of us who grow up with the standard North American diet. With all of the pollution in the air, water and ground – most of our bodies tend towards the acidic. Luckily, alkalizing our bodies can help to re-balance the acidity levels that can affect almost every aspect of our health!

Alkaline water – the healthy way to hydrate!

It’s pretty simple. Ionized alkaline water is chock-full of restructured ionized water molecules. This means that your body can absorb the nutrients in alkaline water more effectively – resulting in a much more vibrant, hydrated you! Other sources of hydration can be impure, expensive or just plain ineffective. Have you ever felt truly hydrated? When your cells are bursting with alkaline hydration, your body will feel lighter, more energetic.. and just plain fantastic!

alkaline dudeAlkaline anti-oxidants!

Anti-oxidants are a team of tough little guys who help to fight off damage-causing free radicals. With all of the pollution in our food, not to mention the air and tap water, it’s usually these guys who are working overtime to keep your cells safe! The good news: A tall glass of ionized alkaline water is absolutely overflowing with them! Living in North America these days can be sketchy with chemical byproducts everywhere. Don’t let it get to you! Prepare your body with the healthiest, purest option in water and choose to live in health and happiness! Don’t yet have an ionizer? Check out our 2014 Ionizer Buyer’s Guide and get tons of easy-to-read info at a glance! 


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