Alkaline Water Around The World: The U.S.A!

One of the fastest-growing markets in the alkaline water ionizer fields is undoubtedly the U.S.! Some of the earliest pioneers of the alkaline movement were from the United States – and today some of the most innovating advancements in ionizer research belong to American companies. With a population that is increasingly connected to the web and ready-to-access information, it’s easy to understand why more people than ever before are discovering the powerful benefits of their friendly little ionizer machine!

alkaline girlAs far back as the 1930s, alkaline water was known to have incredible properties. 

Explorers would venture to Himalayan bodies of water to bring back the water of the “Hunza”, naturally occurring alkaline water that American scientists quickly took upon as a incredible discovery. While the Japanese were the first to build ionizer machines, it didn’t take long before American companies saw the difference between what people were drinking and what people COULD be drinking. In the 1990s, America started to discover more about the treated water that they were being fed – and started looking towards an alternative. This period marks the beginning of the rise of ionizer popularity – a trend that is still increasing today (and more than ever).

Heading towards an alkaline America!

We at Ionizer Research can only hope that more and more people continue to learn about the life-changing benefits of alkalinity and proper hydration. Already, more and more people are treating their bodies to the pure, cleansing power of ionized water.. and they have the energy to show it! When you help your body flush out all excess acidic waste, you begin to see your body’s true potential! Everything changes when your body isn’t weighed down by acid in the bones and muscles, and it’s suddenly easy to see why once you start on the path to balanced alkalinity – you don’t go back!

11730968_sEven the American Olympic teams use ionizer machines.

Before, during and after the Olympics – the American Olympic teams use only the best water to keep their athletes operating on absolute peak levels. Ionized water can help keep their bodies hydrated for longer, and incur less acidic buildup in the muscles. If it’s good enough for the most demanding athletes on the planet.. believe that it is indeed, good enough for you!

Whether you are American, Canadian, European or Swahili.. alkaline water can help you feel as good as you can imagine – and even better. Check out our 2014 Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide , our research guys have put in dozens of hours of work to find the best of the best for any budget. Take a look and join the thousands who’ve chosen to feel better and live better!


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