Is Alkaline Water Good For Acne?

Acne is a problem that most of us have dealt with in the past or are still currently dealing with.  You may get an occasional, annoying blemish every now and then, or you could be suffering from painful cystic acne.  Let’s talk a little bit about the causes of acne and the treatment options available.  Then let’s answer the question “Is Alkaline Water Good For Acne?”

Top Causes of Acne

Acne occurs when your body produces too much of an oily substance called sebum and has too many dead skin cells.  These two things can mix together with bacteria and plug up hair follicles causing pimples, blackheads and whiteheads.  The following factors can make your acne worse:

  • Stress
  • Diets rich in dairy and carbohydrates
  • Hormones
  • Family history
  • Certain medications

Can Alkaline Water Help With Acne?

There is a myriad of products on the market for treating acne.  There are creams, soaps, lotions, special face cleaning brushes and even prescription medications.  But did you know that ionized alkaline water and acidic water can help treat acne?  Here’s how.

Ionized alkaline water helps to remove toxins from your body.  You already know that ionized water is full of antioxidants, and they help to destroy the bad guys in your body which contribute to acne.  Alkaline hydration is important as well.  The smaller size of the water molecules from your water ionizer help to hydrate and nourish you from the inside out.

Is Alkaline Water Good For Acne?

Acidic water from your water ionizer machine is great for topical use on blemishes.  Instead of using products that are full of chemicals, use an all-natural treatment, water!  You can fill up a spray bottle with acidic water and spritz it on your acne (and whole body for that matter). 

What’s the worst thing you can do to a pimple?  Pop it, of course.  Ok, I’ll admit to popping a zit or two in my life.  Gross, I know.  Popping and picking pimples can lead to scarring and you don’t want that to happen.  Instead of popping them, soak a washcloth in acidic water and use it as a compress on the pimples.  The acidic water has anti-bacterial properties which can help kill bacteria and clear up your skin.


Have you noticed an improvement in your skin since drinking ionized alkaline water?  We would love to hear about it!  Leave us a comment below.



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