Alkaline Water And Your Hydration: A Love Story

I have a confession to make. 

I never really cared about my own hydration. Yeah, I’d drink a couple glasses of water a day – I’d feel about the same as days when I had one or two more. I was hovering around in this fog of not really feeling what was going on in my body. I started to look into improving my health, and wanted a way to start embracing and actually FEELING my body instead of a lifetime of trying to ignore it. I started researching the benefits of alkaline water and found out information that absolutely floored me.


I had never felt the benefits of being fully hydrated.1-man-in-desert

The water I was drinking was acidic, lending itself to keeping my body in a cycle of feeling slightly dampened and subtly lethargic. I had no point of reference outside of my own experience and I thought it was “normal” to feel that way. And then I discovered that I could hyper-enhance the quality of my water using an alkaline water ionizer – turning it from something that my body was only partially absorbing into a super-premium fuel that helped my body transform into a more balanced, harmonious and alkaline environment.


Hydration affects us all more than we think!
 Research has shown that a 5% drop in body fluids will cause a 25-30% loss of energy in most people, a 15% drop causes death. – Dr. Robert Young 

Yikes. Enter: alkaline water. The ultra-small molecule size lends itself to much more efficient hydration, as the body can more easily absorb the water into its cells. This means a drastic change from cells that are parched for accessible water molecules – these are cells that are absolutely bursting at the seams with bio-available water molecules.


In with the alkaline, out with the acidic!

drink-water2As your cells become flush with vitality, the acidic remainders of unhealthy food and water automatically get flushed out of your system. If you have had any tea, coffee, orange juice or soda in the last while, you most likely do have internal acidity left over from these acidic fluids. Acidity inside can foster disease, pains and aches. Temper the internal fires with a large glass of pure, crystal-clear ionized alkaline water! This flood of rejuvenating water can help reverse the harmful acidic pH and help flood the acidic fluids out of your body

In the acidic nutritional desert of our modern lives, we are baited with convenience and lack of better options!  Your water ionizer is your cool, hydrating, health-giving oasis. With a water ionizer, health begins at home with the turn of a tap. Check out which ionizer is best for you in our 2014 Water Ionizer Review Guide!

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