Alkaline Water – Your Liquid Cupid!

Love is in the air! But for a lot of us, Valentine’s Day is the holiday that reminds us that we are still single. A lot of us look for ways to get back into shape, but find ourselves just plain sapped at the end of the day. What’s the deal with that? It’s a tragedy when one lives their life without truly finding out what their body is capable of! Help yourself get back into shape! First step – ditch the old, acidic, polluted tap water! Sure, it’s convenient.. but what if I told you that there was something better? A machine that would dispense the healthiest water possible – as much of it as you’d like! So what is this machine? And what is this “healthiest water possible”?

ionized coupleEnter: Your alkaline water ionizer!

An alkaline water ionizer is simply, your new best friend. Alkaline water is the peak of hydration – no other water delivers a mass amount of anti-oxidants to your body while helping to re-balance your pH. Our bodies simply don’t function anywhere near 100% when we are exposed to all the convenience food and liquids that modern society provides – and a busy workweek often leaves our bodies and minds needing serious replenishment. Hydrating with alkaline water is super effective – it at once helps to rid your body of the acidic stuff left behind from all the convenience food, and replenishes your body with alkaline, high-pH goodness. It’s said the ideal body pH is 7.3. Most of us probably hover around 6! To put that into perspective, hot coffee has a pH of 5.5! Let’s move our bodies away from the acidic levels and towards the cool, cleansing ideal of an alkaline body. When muscles tissues get lactic acid buildup, you can feel weighted down and tired. When you start to fuel your body with the cool, alkaline power of ionized alkaline water, your body will start to run like a well-oiled machine!

alkaline ladyFeel good, look good!

If you are single and are feeling down about it, realize that you have to feel good about yourself before you can be happy with another. You deserve to feel great in your body! When you are dragging around an acidic body that is exhausted after every workday, how great can you really feel? We aren’t supposed to be totally drained at 5:00 pm, and our bodies are meant to be feeling energized until it’s bed time! When you start treating your body like it’s your bestie, you will start to FEEL the effects. 

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