Alkaline Water: The Optimal Start To Your Day!

Sometimes getting enough sleep isn’t enough. If your day is jam-packed with work, family and a sliver of me-time – you end up pretty exhausted at the end of the day! The key to not having energy slumps every couple of hours involves fueling your body with the right stuff! If you are feeding your body tap liquid that is full of heavy metals and other processed byproducts – you’re effectively slowing your body down, as it seeks to filter out the toxins inside you. When you upgrade to alkaline ionized water from tap water, it’s like going from a beat-up ’81 Honda to a sleek Ferrari. Not only does your body no longer have to process the impurities found in your water, but the energizing, re-balancing power of alkalinity gives your body the much-needed, natural boost that you deserve!

alkaline womanAlkaline from the start!

When you wake up fully refreshed, nothing feels better. The way to make sure you wake up refreshed is to ensure your QUALITY of sleep. 8 hours isn’t going to cut it if your body is tossing and turning around, full of acidic buildup! How could it truly rest to 100% of its abilities? The truth is that your body needs to be balanced in order to get a truly deep sleep. When you switch to alkaline ionized water, your body starts to eliminate the waste that has been build up by all of the acidic liquids and solids that come from living in a society where junk food is readily available! Even if you don’t indulge in junk food often, accumulated acidic buildup can still be affecting your muscles and joints. 

alkaline runnerOut with the old!

When you start your day with a balanced alkalinity level, you’ll find your energy doesn’t get sapped as quickly as it does when you are carrying around that acidity. Making sure you are hydrated goes a long way! Ditch the routine of always feeling “eh” or feeling like you’re at 60% energy. It’s up to you to make the simple choices to start feeling incredible! Check out the best deals on the best alkaline water ionizers at our 2015 Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide!

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