Alkaline Water.. Your Study Buddy!

Being a student can be tough. Limited amounts of free time = limited amounts of time spent keeping your body healthy! Enter: your alkaline water ionizer. This machine truly makes upgrading the most vital part of your health – your hydration – a breeze! Your body is ~90% water.. so shouldn’t you care what kind of water you’re drinking? Of course you should! The good news is: the healthiest, most energizing water that you can drink is available in unlimited quantities from your house! And guess what? You only pay once. No more purchase after purchase of water bottles or water filters. Besides, a water filter filters out SOME of the many impurities found in tap water, but also filters out the minerals that water should have! 

alkaline studentsGrade yourself A for Alkaline!

A healthy body means a healthy mind. Make sure that you (or your kids) are investing your time and money into a schooling experience that’s worth it! How well can you really excel in school when your body and mind are sluggish? Get rid of the stuff that is weighing you down! Choosing to upgrade to alkaline water is a choice that will have some seriously long-lasting benefits. While the rebalancing of your pH means that you aren’t as acidic and weighed down – while your cells begin to light up with proper alkaline hydration. 

Studying for success!

alkaline kidGoing to a morning class when you’re half-awake and forced to sit for an hour isn’t anybody’s idea of a good time. What if it were different? What if you could wake up feeling absolutely REFRESHED? When you have an alkaline water ionizer in your home, you will start to notice some changes. For one, your sleep will be deeper and more recuperative – as your body starts to release the acidic buildup that almost all of us amass from years of eating convenience food and tap liquid. As your energy starts to return – energy you didn’t even know you had – just about every aspect of your life will see improvement! Studying won’t be such a pain when you have a balanced, hydrated body!

Hey, while we’re on the topic – our research guys have done hours upon hours of studying to help narrow down the best alkaline water ionizer for each budget. Check it out here!

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