Alkaline Water VS “The Other Stuff”

Quick! You’re going to the gym, and you go to grab a refreshing beverage. What do you grab? A sports drink? A “Vitamin Water”?  Maybe a plain ol’ water bottle? If ANY of these are your choice, you’re missing out! Your body is made to perform at the highest level, and it will.. if you take care of it! Simply put, whatever you put into your body is what you are going to get out of it – which is why we are so crazy about alkaline water. So what makes ionized alkaline water so much better than the other stuff? 

alkaline Alkalinity is a key to unlocking your body’s potential.

The vending machine is your enemy. Within it lies row upon row of sugary processed liquid, each can ready to sap your body of it’s health! Ionized alkaline water is what will help your body attain a whole new level of health, vibrant energy and peaceful rest! The amount of acidity that comes with the standard North American diet means that you’ll start to notice your body kicking its cleaning into overdrive! When your pH levels start to rebalance, a whole slew of acidic buildup will begin to leave your body, leaving you feeling light, refreshed and full of energy. 

Ionized alkaline water is the healthiest water possible.

Beyond bottled water, alkaline water is the absolute healthiest choice you can make as far as hydrating your body. When your body starts to alkalize, healthy body wateryou’ll regain energy you forgot you were even capable of having! No wonder most of us feel like we are sapped of energy as we go through the day.. the fuel we put into our bodies isn’t real fuel at all! When you upgrade to alkaline water, you’ll probably look back at your tap water days with a knowing grin. Tap water can contain so much besides pure water, it’s a gamble that you don’t need to make. With an ionizer, alkaline water is available in your home – as much as you want!

Check out our Alkaline Water Ionizer Guide for more info on the best ionizer for you!

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