Alkaline Yoga! How To Make The Most Out Of Your Yoga Session

It gets hot in there. Whether you are doing yoga to refine your spirit OR your body. In between poses, nothing may seem as important in that moment as your trusty, beautiful water bottle. A pure oasis in the sweaty yoga workshop. Make sure your bottle is filled withalkaline woman something as glorious as water should be! 

Get your alkaline on!

Anyone who’s tried yoga knows… Water is what’s up. Not only does it provide a sweet moment of reprieve, but it fuels your body for the upcoming trials. The quality of the water you drink is of the UTMOST importance! It’s so crucial to have the water that fuels you in this high-intensity session be the water that can really give your body what it needs.  Ionized alkaline water from your water ionizer is the absolute best water that you can get.  Not only does it provide the cutting-edge in hydration, but it allows hydration on the cellular level! This means ridiculously increased energy levels.. Which means you can hit the mat ready to last longer than ever, with more stamina – not to mentioned you won’t be totally depleted in the locker room afterwards! 

Your alkaline water ionizer won’t even break a sweat!

alkaline dog lolIt’s so easy to set goals for yourself and not be quite able to physically muster up the energy to achieve them. While one’s will plays a huge part in this, sometimes the body just can’t make it to that level you want it to! If you’ve been drinking regular tap and bottled water.. chances are that has something to do with it. With all the stuff found in tap water – the body has a lot on its plate to process instead of being able to simply absorb the nutrients. Make it a bit easier on yourself! Upgrade your water to ionized alkaline water and have your hand ready to catch your jaw as it drops. The incredible boost in energy as the alkaline water helps to detoxify your body is nothing short of amazing. You’ll feel lighter as all the heavy metals in your blood and muscles get kindly shown the door by the cleansing power of your alkaline water!

Make it a mission to say NO MORE! to substandard, tepid and empty water! It’s your time to be as healthy as you can be – and feel as good as you possibly can! Check out our 2014 Water Ionizer Buyers Guide! It’s how the pros do it. Well, our pros. What I’m saying is they have preeetty much done all of the work – so you can just take a glance and instantly reap the benefits of hundreds of hours of research! Do your body some good and check it out!

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