Alkalinity…Meditate On It!

alkalinity It’s becoming increasingly clear that meditation can help you get to know the real you. Not “you” as employee, not “you” as spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, parent, daughter, teacher etc.. The you that you really are! We are so overloaded with 99% distraction during our day that we rarely can spend time feeling truly at home in our own bodies – simply existing without it being in relation to work, school, family etc. There’s infinite mind-blowing things to discover about yourself, just create the space by allowing yourself some time to meditate! But as you mediate – you may tune in to parts of your body that are (and have always been) crying out for help. You may able to direct your attention to  feel achy joints or dehydrated skin with extreme clarity. Allow yourself some proper and quality hydration! When you upgrade to ionized alkaline water, you will FEEL your body radiate with healthy alkalinity! 

Alkalinity to infinity (and beyond)!

alkalinity officePart of meditation is deeeeeep breaths. You can feel yourself ease your focus back into your body. As you do so, wouldn’t it be nice to have full awareness of a body that is healthy and happy? Instead of a body that’s pretty much wailing for some proper nutrition? I know, I know.. “My body isn’t wailing for anything!” I’ve been there. The thing is – we spend so much time distracted by our own thoughts – the eternal internal monologue – that we aren’t paying attention to what our body REALLY needs! (Like incredibly healthy, pure alkaline water.. say for example.) When we reach for that bag of chips – if we were listening, we’d feel our body go “oh..ugh.. no, please..”. Instead our thoughts tell us that “Oh! Chips = tasty = good feeling! Let’s do it!”, all the while our body is telling us exactly what it needs! (and what it doesn’t.) That’s why when you reach for an icy glass of ionized alkaline water, you will feel your body generate a massive “YES!!!”.

Your body knows!

You intuitively know what will aid your body through alkalinity and more.. and what will cause it harm! Make it a lot easier on yourself and invest in a counter-top water ionizer. We at IonizerResearch have dedicated all our efforts to helping you choose the best option for you – this is why we’ve compiled a 2014 Water Ionizer Rankings Chart. This handy thing will make sure you are fully equipped with the knowledge you need when you upgrade from tampered tap water to totally terrific alkaline water! Let alkalinity be the next level of your journey to health. 

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