Alkalinity and The Mind-Body Connection!

alkalinity beachIf you’re anything like me, you haven’t always treated your body with respect. Everyone, at some point, can get into a habit that can be harmful to the body, such as smoking cigarettes or not engaging in exercise! If you’ve gone down this road, you know: your daily moods suffer! The mind and body are one intermingling phenomenon – and how we treat the body can absolutely cause changes in our mind! So knowing this, to live the happiest life possible.. wouldn’t we want to treat our bodies to nothing but the best? 

Alkalinity in a glass!

When you treat yourself every day to a glass (or more!) of incredibly pure, nutritious alkaline water, you’re doing more for your body than you think! Not only are you hydrating your body with the absolute top-shelf choice in personal hydration, but you are also helping to re-balance your body’s acidity levels – your pH levels! What does this mean? It means that you’ll notice a difference in almost every aspect of your body. You can start to retain nutrients more easily when your body is slightly alkaline. You’ll notice your joints are less achey, your skin is smoother and your smile is wider!

alkalinity womanYou’ll LIVE the difference.

When your body is alkaline, your day changes. An example: When we have bodies that are crying out in aches, discomfort, etc.. we tend to disconnect on some level, so we can go about our day and get work done without being aware that our bodies are lacking real nutrition. It’s easy to stay on this level of detached bodily awareness, and totally just stay in our head most of the time! But! When we really listen, we can tune in to what signals our body is sending us. When your body has rid itself of the excess acidity through becoming alkaline, every moment spent in tune with our bodies can be a true joy.

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