What To Avoid? A Guide To Living Alkaline – Part 1

We’re in a little bit of a weird situation. See, in Western society – we grow up with Coke machines and Starbucks on every corner. We walk into a corner store and a thousand brightly-wrapped bars and bags all shout “I’m DELICIOUS! Eat me and you’ll love it!” We see commercial after commercial associating pleasing imagery to sugary product, and we think this is all “meh..normal”. We grow up thinking that what we eat doesn’t REALLY matter. Luckily, these days – there’s a movement to awaken. To see things as they really are! A massive part of that is seeing how we’ve been raised to be comfortable eating foods that would be regarded as poison to other cultures. So, today we’re going to take a quick look at some things you’ve absolutely gotta get out of your eating routine if you want to live well, energized and happy. 

alkaline choicesToxic things to put down..

Cola. And other sodas containing corn syrup and mass amounts of sugar/gluctose-fructose. Did you know most companies include both sugar (refined real sugar) and gluctose-fructose (refined “cheap” sugar”) in their products – simply because if they split their sugar content between two ingredients.. it won’t be FIRST on the ingredient list? Instead it’ll most likely take slots #2 and #3, making it seem like there is somehow less of it. The more you know about these tactics, the more you can protect your body! This also unfortunately applies to most store-bought juices (or “sugar water” as some people like to call them).

Candy. This applies mostly to sugary, corner store candy. There are SOME candies available at your health food store that steer clear of refined sugars and addictive chemicals, but for the most part – if you can think of a candy bar brand – there’s most likely absolute garbage in the ingredients! The worst part is that this food doesn’t just ruin your teeth and digestive system, but once it is excreted out of the body – your organs are still suffering due to the effect of the unhealthy ingredients!

Low-quality meats. When you’re buying cheap, grocery store value meat – you are very likely buying meat that has been rampantly injected with growth hormones and other chemicals. The mass manufacturers of meat don’t see it as very profitable to give each animal a comfortable, happy life. In fact, the grisly truth is that these mass manufactures breed animals under HORROR MOVIE conditions for the sole reason of killing them as soon as is profitable. Seriously, you should look it up.. some chickens never have enough room in their adult lifetime to even turn around. It’s seriously an issue. Also this kind of life for the animal leads to meat full of stuff your body doesn’t want to process – which can lead to heartburn, nausea, etc. 

alkaline womanTap water. The amount of byproducts in modern tap water is absolutely startling. Some experts even go so far as to call modern tap water “tap liquid” due to it not meeting their standards of “water”. If everything was harmless about tap water, would we hear all of these experts claiming otherwise? Of course not, so why do we act as if “ohh.. tap water won’t kill you”? Maybe not immediately, sure – but a lifetime of ingesting tap liquid will definitely not leave you at your healthiest! 

Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at what you can feed your body to massively empower it instead of polluting it! (Hint: Check out our latest 2014 Alkaline Water Ionizer’s Buyer’s Guide for information on all of the latest ionizers for every kind of budget!

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