Beat The Heat With Alkaline Water!

It’s hot. It’s swelteringly hot. We all know it’s important to keep hydrated during hot weather – but few realize how important it is. Hydration is so critical to everyday functioning, yet most of us drift through the day dehydrated – never knowing how incredible our bodies can feel with truly hydrated cells!alkaline water

Alkalinity with a side of antioxidants!

Many people will say “Well, I drink enough water! I’m hydrated!”… but did you know that the quality of water  in your body makes a huge difference? Did you also know that the BEST possible water available is only achievable through an alkaline water ionizer? Why do you think we’re so crazy about ionizer machines? The joy and vitality it can bring to your household is beyond valuable. Whereas tap water contains numerous byproducts and heavy metals, alkaline ionized water from an ionizer is the gold standard of purity. Ionized water contains tons of antioxidants: little bodyguards that help to protect against toxic elements that make their way inside your body. 

ionized water alkalineSweat it out!

Being properly hydrated in the summer is ESPECIALLY important. As we fry under the sun and we lose our body’s water content – we want to get the most out of the water that we do retain! The best way to do this is to flood your system with as much alkaline water as you want! Buying bottled alkaline water is expensive, and will ALWAYS end up costing more than producing alkaline water yourself. (Not to mention, all that plastic…yeesh.) You deserve the best in hydration, and the best summer possible!


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