Boost Yourself! 3 Ways To Regain Your Alkaline Energy

It’s a typical scene: You get home from work, throw on a movie while you reheat a quick dinner and then trudge off to bed – only to repeat the same tired routine the next day. Sounds bad? It is! This is how our bodies deal with operating on minimum energy levels while working 9-5 weeks. If this sounds familiar, you can indeed set yourself free from this pattern! All it takes is one step to break the chain, and it becomes easier to break the next.. and the next.. and the next! Life is more than just looking forwards to the weekends. Here’s a couple of ways you can bring your physical energy to a new level.

alkaline energySwitch to alkaline water! 

Water is the absolute no. 1 most important thing for your health. (besides oxygen, duh.) Imagine how you would feel without the acidic buildup and half-digested waste that almost every body accumulates! Start cleaning yourself with pure, incredibly healthy alkaline water. Switching your water consumption to purely alkaline ionized water can yield incredible benefits – physical and mental! Alkaline water helps to rebalance your body’s pH. The ideal body pH is slightly alkaline – with a pH level of 7.3-7.4. Most of us are way, way more acidic! What does that mean? It means our body is like a machine, and acidic buildup can slow down many, many processes that keep you healthy! An alkaline water ionizer allows you the beauty of having the ABSOLUTE HEALTHIEST water possible – all day, every day. Check out the latest ionizers for every budget in our 2014 Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide.

Start an alkaline diet!

Leafy greens, fruits and veggies and nuts are crucial to developing and keeping up real energy levels. “But what about coffee? I get some energy from that..” I hear you, but the energy gotten from coffee is artificial energy, essentially forcing your brain into thinking it has resources – only to crash when the caffeine is depleted. When you start alkalizing your body, you get a REAL energy boost! The kind of energy you were always meant to have! The human body is made to travel, forage and hunt for a large part of the day. We’ve convinced ourselves that going to bed absolutely exhausted after a 9-5 job is “normal”. Take a shot and find out what your real “normal” really is!

fully rested alkaline bodyGet some real rest!

When we go to sleep with our bodies crying out for nutrients, it’s tough to get a real deep rest going on. We wake up and wonder why we have no energy.. didn’t we JUST sleep for 7-8 hours? The fact is that once your body is fully functioning on optimal energy levels, you’ll have the best and deepest sleep of your life. Why not, right? We all only have so many minutes on this Earth – might as well spend them being truly happy and full of life!

It all starts with taking care of your body first and foremost. It WILL take care of you!

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