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alkalinity by the sea

Alkalinity…Meditate On It!

It’s becoming increasingly clear that meditation can help you get to know the real you. Not “you” as employee, not “you” as spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, parent, daughter, teacher etc.. The you that you really are! We are so overloaded with 99% distraction during our day that we rarely can spend time feeling truly at home [...]

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alkaline woman

Alkaline Yoga! How To Make The Most Out Of Your Yoga Session

It gets hot in there. Whether you are doing yoga to refine your spirit OR your body. In between poses, nothing may seem as important in that moment as your trusty, beautiful water bottle. A pure oasis in the sweaty yoga workshop. Make sure your bottle is filled with something as glorious as water should [...]

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alkaline girl

Why Diets Are Not For Me (And Probably Not For You)

Ahhh the “popular diet”. Often treated as one-diet-fits-all, this creature tends to overlook the glaring variations in different people’s bodies and will prescribe the same nutritional regimen for every common Joe or Jane, no matter what body type they are. Does that sound right? Every body is different and can’t function on the same premises [...]

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Alkalinity and Increased Creativity!

Creativity is like the lifesblood of our lives. Look around you! Everything you see, someone had to dream up first. Creativity can help you think your way out of a bad mood, or help you channel new ideas in your daily life! Unfortunately, most of us are plagued by semi-hydration due to the poor quality [...]

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rich ionizer

You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Own An Ionizer!

When most people think of getting healthier, the #1 issue is cash! “Augggghh.. organic food is so expensive! Water ionizers cost an arm and a leg!” It’s easy to forgive someone for assuming the latter, because most people simply don’t yet know the truth about water ionizers! Sure, there are top-notch water ionizers out there [...]

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alkaline woman

More Fun With Your Alkaline Water Ionizer!

Your alkaline water ionizer has more than a couple of great uses. People all over the world use theirs to water their gardens, fill up a bath.. and of course fill up a frosty, energizing glass of ultra-healthy alkaline water! Today we put our minds to thinking of a couple out-of-the-box uses for our friendly [...]

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alkaline wakeup

Alkaline Alertness: Start The Day Right!

If you are anything like me, you have the odd day in your week where it’s impossible to get up in the morning. The story goes: Snooze button. Snooze button. Open cell phone (while Snooze buttoning). FINALLY you get up in time for a barely-breakfast, and rush out of the house. It’s rough to deal with [...]

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2014 Jul 07

What To Pick Up! A Guide To Living Alkaline – Part 2

Hey! So last week we took a look at what to put down to start living a life with a more alkaline, balanced pH. Too many products are available that will only serve to appease us short-term through taste – while they wreak havoc on our insides! Today, we’re going to go over a couple [...]

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alkaline choice

What To Avoid? A Guide To Living Alkaline – Part 1

We’re in a little bit of a weird situation. See, in Western society – we grow up with Coke machines and Starbucks on every corner. We walk into a corner store and a thousand brightly-wrapped bars and bags all shout “I’m DELICIOUS! Eat me and you’ll love it!” We see commercial after commercial associating pleasing [...]

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alkaline party

Enjoying Summer In An Alkaline Way!

WOOHOO! It’s summer and that means parties. Staying up late, BBQs and perhaps a drink or two! While summer is the season of fun, it’s also the season of hangovers.. We’ve all been there: that dry, severely exhausted state of the morning after. Yeah, it’s a price that must be paid! I once heard that alcohol [...]

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3 Tips to Becoming a Dealer—My Story

Ever think about selling water ionizers? Wondering if there is money to be made? so: The truth is...

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