Concentrate! The Alkaline Effect.

alkaline ladySo what’s the deal? You’re a smart person. You eat alright, get enough sleep.. so why is it so hard to maintain focus? Others seems to be able to jump in and out of that concentrative zone at will! Well.. the truth is that you may be used to eating and drinking a certain way, and you may be limiting yourself and not even knowing it! 

Your body isn’t cool with acidic, pollutive buildup.

In fact, it’s actively trying to rid itself of all the junk that you may be feeding it! Your body’s busy trying to get rid of stuff while it keeps getting more fed to it! Luckily, your body has got your back and will always keep trying. So why not make it a bit easier on it? Try lowering the acidic pH of your body by feeding your body alkaline food and more importantly – alkaline water. Alkaline water can allow you to stamp an EXPRESS on those toxic packages leaving your system – that is to say that when your body becomes more alkaline, the acidic buildup starts to get out of you at a very increased rate!

alkaline plantSo how does this help your mental game?

Well, when your body isn’t subtly sending you signals saying “Hey. psst. hey. I don’t like this. pst. this isn’t good for me.”, it’s a lot easier to be able to focus! Not to mention that your body works as a whole, and when the chemistry of your insides are healthy, your brain may respond with quicker, sharper strokes of thought! Doesn’t that sounds like something you could use? The fact is that we all could use a little less internal static from junk food, and a lot more clarity and balance from having an alkaline body pH! 

So! Check out the latest models in our 2014 Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide and start looking into making a whole better life for you! Your body affects your mind 60 seconds a minute, every minute of every day of your life! When you feel at home in your body, life truly does take on an unimaginable change. You are worth the small effort it takes to make these small changes. Drink alkaline water instead of non-alkaline. Eat more leafy greens instead of processed food! You will tangibly feel the difference! 

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