Critique Of The Week: The Many Types Of Water

Water comes in many forms, in many flavours, from many sources. So – how are we going to know which kind of water is healthy for us when there are dozens upon dozens of variations? Is that tap water from Tennessee as bad as tap water in Montreal? Does this bottled water come from a reliable source or is it just re-bottled tap water? So many questions! Luckily, there’s a simple answer to “What is the healthiest possible water?”

alkaline kiddoIonized alkaline water!

It’s tough to beat the incredible list of benefits gained from drinking alkaline water. In terms of quality, ionized alkaline water is the pinnacle of pure healthiness. Brimming with a surplus of antioxidants, ionized alkaline water can help your body protect itself from harmful free radicals (and it tastes oh-so-friggin-delicious.)  Alkaline water hydrates your body at the cellular level – allowing for just about EVERY aspect of your body to operate on a higher level. There’s a reason water is the most important element in our body! Your hydration level affects you probably more than you realize. A lot of people feel sporadic fatigue throughout the day, or just always feel “semi-energized” at best. Hydration is a HUGE part in your daily energy levels!

…and the rest.

pollution bottled water alkalineBottled water: Your wallet’s worst enemy. AND it’s insanely pollutive. AND it can’t be trusted blindly – some bottled water contains simple tap water. In the year 2014, is there REALLY a reason to still be buying these? 

Tap water: If there were a list of ingredients on most tap water, you probably couldn’t pronounce them all. That’s not a good sign. Not to mention the often-metallic taste… tap water doesn’t even get an invite to the Best Water Competition. 

Alkaline bottled water: It’s almost an alternative to water from an ionizer. Large quantities lead to large bills – and without large quantities.. are we buying water so we can semi-hydrate ourselves? No way! And plus, you miss out on the incredible benefits of the IONIZED alkaline water from a water ionizer. ‘Nuff said.

Simply put, there is nothing right now that comes close to the quality and value of ionized alkaline water. The difference has to be felt to be believed! If you haven’t upgraded to a better way of life through true hydration, check out our 2014 Water Ionizers Buyer’s Guide. It’s got all the info you need, for any budget!


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