Critique Of The Week – Alkaline Water VS Bottled Spring Water

It’s a question that bears increasing relevance these days: “What exactly is in the water I’m drinking?”

Honestly, you’d be forgiven for thinking the bottled water industry is a bit shady. There’s been incidents of companies being caught putting filtered tap water into bottles that were deemed “natural spring water”, loads of pollution.. and nobody REALLY knows what they happen to drinking from their plastic bottles. 

Let’s say for the sake of this comparison that we’re dealing with an actual bottle of spring water.

Bottled water is excellent for convenience.

water bottles pollution bottled water alkalineYou can pretty much grab a bottle on your way out of the house and drink water anywhere, at your leisure. They are also available to buy in many, many consumer outlets.  Yes, sometimes the only available water is rebottled tap water like Dasani, but sometimes you do get a bottle of spring water just when you need it. The issue is that, once the contents are empty.. what happens to the actual bottle? The fact is that EACH DAY 60 million water bottles are thrown away, never to be recycled.For all of the talk surrounding the growing recycling movement of plastic bottles, that number is still absolutely startling. How can we be happy to supply our bodies with health while we sap it from Mother Earth? It’s crazy to keep harming the life-support system that keeps us alive. 


Having an alkaline water ionizer contributes absolutely zero to global pollution.

Now that’s a number to be proud of! Not only can you reap delicious, ultra-healthy alkaline water whenever you want, but you are actively aiding the movement towards a cleaner, more aware earth. Not to mention that for a water ionizer, you pay once. 

alkaline water healthy bottled happyBottled water adds up. Some reports even say that a gallon of bottled water costs 2,000 times more than a gallon of regular tap water. Now THAT is throwing your money away. You are essentially paying to pollute! The good news is, through alkaline ionizer technology, this doesn’t have to be your future. Alkaline water ionizers are available for all budgets. Thanks to our research guys, you can actually see what ionizer fits your budget here – in our 2014 Alkaline Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide

The fact is that restructured, ionized alkaline water is the best water you can get. With all of the convenience of tap water, all (and more) of the health benefits of bottled spring water, and a price that pays for itself.

Check out some of the excellent Videos done by our research guys and learn more about what your water ionizer can do!




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