You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Own An Ionizer!

When most people think of getting healthier, the #1 issue is cash! “Augggghh.. organic food is so expensive! Water ionizers cost an arm and a leg!” It’s easy to forgive someone for assuming the latter, because most people simply don’t yet know the truth about water ionizers! Sure, there are top-notch water ionizers out there (such as the Tyent 11-plate series and others) – but did you know you can get a high-performance alkaline water ionizer for under 1000$ dollars? YES FOLKS YOU HEARD THAT CORRECTLY – UNDER ONE THOUSAND DOL- okay, I’ll stop with the old-timey mustache-waxing salesman bit. Today we’ll go into a bit more detail on how much the cost of a water ionizer really is!

An alkaline water ionizer for less than 999$???

ionizerIt’s true. First off, let me kindly but hastily direct you to our 2014 Water Ionizer Rankings Chart. Here, you can take a glance at the info that we gathered – and find the perfect ionizer for you, no matter what your budget! You can get excellent quality ionized alkaline water at home, without breaking your bank! So what’s the difference between the budget models like the Hydrent and X-Blue, and the more high-performance models like the Tyent 11-plate? The first thing you’ll notice is a drastic difference in size. All of the high-tech ultra-ionizing power that goes into the top-of-the-line models lends itself to a bigger surface area. So if you have a small countertop, a budget ionizer is the choice for you!

An ionizer for every family!

Take the Hydrent budget ionizer. This little machine received a 93.8% rating.. that’s performance comparable to some luxury ionizers! We’ve already talked at length about how this model is an incredible buy with incredible value, but honestly.. it bears repeating. Even if you aren’t swimming in cash, you can still afford to get the incredibly healthy, purifying alkaline water that an ionizer can offer you!

An ionizer pays for itself!

While it technically doesn’t rummage in your wallet and pull out your credit card (like the older models), buying an ionizer is a venture that shows its value exceedingly quickly. Instead of buying cheap bottled water that leaves truly astounding levels of pollution (and is often just bottled tap liquid), your ionizer leaves NO trace! Let alone the value of having INCREDIBLY healthy water energizing you – day in, day out! It’s really an easy choice to make, when you can see all the beneficial angles. 

So there you go! Making your body feel better doesn’t have to make you feel financially strained! Check out our 2014 Water Ionizer Buyers Guide for more details!


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