5 Secret Ways To Be Bursting With Alkaline Energy!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably about to have your mind blown.

Almost every day, I discover a new and creative way to use an alkaline water ionizer in my everyday life. I always think I’ve seen it all and then *BAM*, a new and original way to incorporate the healing power of ionized water into a routine I’ve had for years! So today, I share with you some more little-known ways to use your alkaline water ionizer.hydrated skin alkaline acidic water

1. Use ionized acidic water to make your skin look and feel incredible.

With all of the benefits of alkaline water, it’s easy to forget that your ionizer actually can output lightly acidic water that is perfect for external use. The antiseptic properties of the low pH water can help to sooth eczema and other skin irritations. It also makes your skin become as clear and radiant as it can be!


2. Cooking with alkaline water takes your dishes to the next level!

Whether it’s steaming vegetables or boiling some pasta and rice, as you use alkaline water in your cooking you’ll find that your dishes keep more moisture and are more delicious! You can also wash your produce with acidic water from your ionizer to make sure they are as clean as possible. We recommend using a strong alkaline pH level for this because it emulsifies oil and most herbicides and pesticides are oil-based. Look for a water ionizer with a turbo button for the highest pH levels available. You can see which water ionizers have a turbo button in our comparison chart HERE.

hair beautiful alkaline3. Washing your hair with restructured acidic water can put a new spring in your new spring ‘do.

Many people have discovered that washing their hair using the acidic water from their ionizer leaves them with shampoo-commercial-quality, beautiful and cascading hair.  It’s yet another household use for the ionizer that you already love.  Switch it up for springtime and get a new do’ for a new you!

 4. Make sure your pets can keep up with the vibrant new you!

Filling Scruffy’s water bowl with some ionized alkaline water will keep his puppy breath fresher, his coat shinier and most importantly – his happiness at a soaring high. The mix of proteins in dog food are usually very acidic, which is partly why pet leavings often cause such a stink. With an alkaline pup, his/her body will be allowing less waste to accumulate – resulting in cleaner bowel movements and a lighter, more energetic pet!


water acidic alkaline

5. With ionized acidic water, your surfaces will be sparkling clean.

With spring cleaning fully underway, a lot of caked-on grime will rear it’s ugly head. The acidity in low-pH ionized water can help to release grime and truly deeply clean countertops, floors and more. And all of this done without the overpowering fragrancy and toxicity of chemical cleaners!

And there you have it – 5 more reasons to make sure your home is fully equipped with an alkaline water ionizer. Take a look at the Ranking Chart our research guys put together and upgrade your hydration situation today!

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