How Alkaline Water Improves Your Workouts!

So, you’re at the gym, about to start your workout when a mysteriously cloaked man offers you a mysterious potion. You, of course, unquestioningly drink it and start to feel incredible energy during your workout. You last longer during your sets and you notice your recovery time has been greatly enhanced. Well, it turns out the cloaked man was simply your water ionizer and, although it’s much less mysterious, the result is the same incredible upgrade to your workout! The magic potion is nothing but alkaline water; high-functioning super-water that balances and hydrates your body in a multitude of ways.


At the gym, an alkaline pH matters.

The natural pH of our muscles is 6.9. When you go to the gym and start your workout, your muscles start shifting into a higher gear. As they become more active and strained, the acid produced starts to lower the pH of your muscles. As the pH lowers and the acidity increases, your muscles respond by becoming weaker and more fatigued. After a muscle reaches a 6.5pH, it can no longer function at an exercise capacity. With all of that lactic acid buildup, the body is exhausted and needs time to recuperate and re-balance.


Alkaline water helps to re-energize you and keep your body balanced.

11730968_sRe-structured alkaline water helps to neutralize the increase in lactic acid in your muscles, as well as keep you deeply hydrated before, during and after your workout. The increase in hydration also means in a decreased chance of injury in joints and “dry” muscles. The more your body is hydrated, the more smoothly it will operate when under physical duress.

 “Endurance and elite sports athletes should be concerned about maintaining a healthy pH balance,” says Dr. Robert Burns, PhD.

What this means for you in the gym is longer workouts, less fatigue and a more effective and advanced recovery for your body – so you aren’t finished after exercising.


Trust the professionals!

There’s a reason why some of the top athletes in the world use an alkaline water ionizer – not just during training, but on their off-periods as well. It simply makes sense if you expect high performance from your body, to put in high-performance water. Randy Couture, who was competing as a Mixed Martial Arts UFC Champion at the age of 43 (!!) attributes his longevity to drinking alkaline water. For someone to be competing with (and beating) young lions at that age, Mr. Couture definitely had some sort of secret. Well, now you know!

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