Get Better! 3 Healing Uses for Alkaline Water You Probably Didn’t Know About

 As your body becomes more alkaline, you wake up each day feeling better and better! Today, we take a look at some of the lesser-known ways your body is benefiting from your upgrade to alkaline water.

 1. Alkaline Water VS the Evil Free Radicals!

body water alkalineAlkaline water is very rich in antioxidants, tiny superheroes guarding you against the bombardment of free radicals. Free radicals are toxic emissions that cause aging, and contribute to degenerative diseases. They can be byproducts of the pollution in our air or the chemicals in our food. So how are we supposed to stay healthy while our body is under attack? The first line of defense in the fight to stay healthy is to be alkaline. When your body is alkaline – it’s easier to absorb the liquid anti-oxidants in ionized water that will keep your cells fully vital and high-functioning.


2. Become more good-looking.

No, but seriously. As your body becomes better at absorbing the nutrients in water, it helps the skin become rejuvenated – and aids the cells in replacing tissues. This means more youthful, vibrant -looking skin and less breakouts! As your body becomes more alkaline, it’s easier for it to shed the acidic wastes kept internally – meaning just by giving your body a better fuel, you’re losing a more bloated body frame.


3. Alkalinity helps future-proof your body.

8205433_s A properly hydrated, alkaline body means having joints and muscles that are lubricated and working smoothly. As we age, hydration becomes even more important – as many of our joints become more prone to injury. Keeping your body flush with alkaline water can help lessen the chance of injury, as well as help keep your organs operating at a healthy, strong gear. A dehydrated body simply doesn’t have the nutrients to keep all internal functions well-regulated, which is why you will often feel tired after an extended period with no hydration.


Being healthy means tangibly FEELING incredible. All it takes is the simple choice to want to feel better, and live happier. With an alkaline water ionizer, you take the most important road to your health – water – and turn it into a superhighway. Feel your body shift from starving for hydration and nutrients to a state of pure abundance emanating from every cell. If you haven’t yet gotten a alkaline water ionizer, our guys have sorted through the latest options and put together a magnificent Ionizer Buyers Guide to help you find the life-changing ionizer that is best for you. It’s always time for the next step in wellness!

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