Ionized Acidic Water: Jack Of All Trades

With all of the commotion and excitement around the incredible benefits of drinking alkaline water, it’s easy to let the other main function of a water ionizer get lost in the shuffle. So today, we are going to take a look at the incredibly multi-faceted and versatile benefits of acidic ionized water!

Most ionizers offer a small range of ionized acidic water options.

It’s understandable to be like “Woah, wait. Isn’t acidity harmful?” but the truth is acidic water has many, many beneficial uses. Cosmetically, acidic water can help smooth and tighten skin all over the body. It also helps to sooth inflammation from burns and rashes! Also, bathing in acidic water can help improve the overall health of skin. While alkaline water keeps you hydrated on the inside, acidic water makes sure your skin is properly hydrated and maintained on the outside. This goes for pets too! Bathing your pets in acidic water lends to a fantastically shiny and radiant coat for your little loved one.  It really is an all-in-one heavyweight of a helper!

Acidic water also helps out the resident chef!

happy acidic cooking waterDid you know that when you soak fish in acidic water before cooking it – the meat tightens and allows for juicier, more evenly cooked meat? Acidic water also helps reduce sogginess in noodles and rice once they are cooked in it! Also, when you return from the produce section – be sure to soak your fruits and vegetables in a sinkful of ionized water to help eliminate all the bacteria that accumulates on the produce. From the point of harvest,  transportation and being showcased at the grocery store, many grubby hands have touched the apples you just bought! Let acidic water be your anti-bacterial bodyguard!

happy alkaline cleaning acidic…and helps in the spring cleaning!

It is finally spring! This is it. It’s the playoffs of cleaning. You’ll want some ionized acidic water by your side, and here is why. Acidic water acts as a disinfecting agent, helping to eliminate caked-on grime and odor from all household surfaces. This means that you don’t need 56 products to clean the whole house! Using acidic water on sponges helps eliminate any weirdo bacterial growth within the sponge, and also helps to rid the sponge of that unlovely sponge-like smell. You can also use acidic water to polish mirror surfaces or cutlery!


With all the hubbub about alkalinity and alkaline water, don’t forget that acidic water is just asuseful. With these two features, your water ionizer can improve almost every single aspect of your life! I’m sure there are even more uses for acidic water that remain undiscovered! If you find a new way that acidic water helps you out, leave us a reply in the comments section!  If you still don’t have a water ionizer, our buddies in Research complied a fantastic and comprehensive 2014 Buyer’s Guide to help you find the best Ionizer for the best price!

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