Things You Should Know: The Dangers of Drinking Acidic Tap Water

Not many people are aware of this, but your body actually tries to tell you what it wants and what it doesn’t. It’s the reason why a glass of alkaline water feels so good and a slice of meat-lovers pizza feels so so bad. When you ingest something, your body reacts to tell you how it likes it. Heartburn? Pass next time. Upset stomach? Pass next time. A feeling of refreshment and energy? Okay! More, please!


An open communication with your body is of the utmost importance.

communicate body alkalineWe can learn to pick up the subtle clues most of the time, but sometimes harmful things are eaten or drunk without us knowing. Sometimes it takes your body to go “WOW!” at something it really likes in order to realize that we’ve had it wrong all along! That lifelong mistake for most of us is household tap water.


The pH of most tap water varies from “slightly acidic” to “moderately acidic”.

So what’s the big deal? The problem manifests in how you feel all day, every day. What you put into your body is what you get out of it. When your entire life has been spent ingesting acidic water, the body becomes an acidic environment. That means it is way more prone to sluggishness and disease, among other things. So if you’ve had an internal acidic environment your whole life, you haven’t even seen how incredible your body is capable of feeling!


An acidic internal environment is a danger-zone for your health.

12787288_s (1)It’s dark inside of our bodies (which is a weird thought), but if we could see the effects of high acidity – I’d imagine it wouldn’t be too appealing. More and more research is being done on the pH of bodies, and the conclusion being drawn is that disease cannot survive in an alkaline environment. The ideal pH for the human body is 7.45, a pH that keeps the body balanced while being slightly alkaline. Too much acidity and the body starts to weaken overall. A low pH forces the body to borrow calcium, magnesium and other minerals from vital organs to neutralize the acid and safely eject it from the body.


We all know that we can survive without food.. but not without water. 

Knowing this, we can get a sense of how truly integral water is to our bodies. It just simply makes sense to give ourselves the gift of the best water possible! When we expect incredible health while we fill ourselves with acidic water, we miss out on understanding something fundamental about our bodies. Choose better for yourself! Our comprehensive Water Ionizer Ranking Chart can help you find the best choice of alkaline water ionizer so you can start leaving tap water behind!

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