Enjoying Summer In An Alkaline Way!

WOOHOO! It’s summer and that means parties. Staying up late, BBQs and perhaps a drink or two! While summer is the season of fun, it’s also the season of hangovers.. We’ve all been there: that dry, severely exhausted state of the morning after. Yeah, it’s a price that must be paid! I once heard that alcohol is “borrowing pleasure from your future self”. Well, whether you choose to avoid alcohol altogether or if you fancy a drink or two – your water ionizer will be there for you as the ULTIMATE re-hydration tool!

alkalineParty hard! (but not too hard).

It starts off with one shot.. and often ends up in much more! With the whole party vibe of summer get-togethers, you’d be forgiven for being a little rough on your body from time to time. What is important is how your body is functioning daily. If you are walking around with half-energy, with your body craving sustenance and hydration.. a party is not going to do you much good! If your body is already full of acidic accumulation and your muscles and cells are crying out for real water, a couple drinks could lead to some serious unpleasantness when the fun is over. While you are partying, be aware of symptoms such as fatigue or a dry mouth – and take them as signs to reign it back a bit! 

Alkaline water.. The healthiest hangover remedy there is!

So if you wake up the following morning with the classic hangover symptoms, reach for your ionizer. The ABSOLUTE purest, healthiest water conceivable will flush throughout your system, cooling and hydrating every cell. Doesn’t that sound amazing in the midst of a headache? Not to mention the constipation, dry mouth, dizziness and fatigue that makes up a hangover? Your body will feel ECSTATIC when it receives a tall, cool glass of ionized alkaline water. Alcohol is extremely acidic, alkaline partyand the residue it leaves in your body can keep unpleasant feels there for days. That’s why it’s super important to head to your ionizer after a party night – your alkaline water ionizer helps to purify your body by cleansing out all the debris and leaving in place ultra-hydrated, ultra-healthy and ultra-functional cells. 

There’s no wonder why we’re so crazy about alkaline water here at IonizerResearch. No matter what state you’re in, alkaline water can help your body regain it’s natural capabilities – some you may not even know you had! It may not hold your hair back if you’re feeling REALLY sick the morning after.. but it will help to put you back into a proper state quicker than ever. Don’t let the summer become a time to pollute your body! Balance out your fun and your health. Check out the newest line of ionizers – all reviewed and organized by budget.. to help YOU help you! Check it out here in our 2014 Ionizer Ranking Chart. Cheers!

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