More Fun With Your Alkaline Water Ionizer!

Your alkaline water ionizer has more than a couple of great uses. People all over the world use theirs to water their gardens, fill up a bath.. and of course fill up a frosty, energizing glass of ultra-healthy alkaline water! Today we put our minds to thinking of a couple out-of-the-box uses for our friendly neighborhood water ionizer. If you have any tips to add, leave us a comment or two and share the love!

alkalineSoak your veggies!

We at Ionizer Research are all about your health. So check this out! When you buy your organic, alkaline veggies – soak them overnight in ionized alkaline water! Not only will it prolong the life of your veggies, but the alkalinity of the water will soak into the veggie – resulting in a healthier, more refreshing snack or salad! If you try this already-alkaline veggies like kale, swiss chard or collard, you are effectively eating a super-alkaline meal – one of the healthiest moves you could make! Good for future you! *pat pat*

Go for a run!

This is especially awesome if you were a runner before purchasing your ionizer. Fill your jogging bottle with ionized alkaline water and watch your stamina improve by leaps and bounds (and strides)! How can this be happening? – you ask. It’s simple! The incredibly high quality of the ionized water allows for total cell hydration, meaning you get hydrated better AND faster! It really makes you want to never drink that tap stuff again!

Enjoy an alkaline pre-breakfast!

alkaline smileWhen you wake up, enjoy a tall cool class of ionized alkaline water – before you have anything else! This will activate and hydrate your body, and can even help you digest your breakfast better! All this adds up to a more energized, more happy day-long you! Who needs coffee when you are drawing from your body’s own natural energy? Coffee addicts, I suppose. Like, by definition. Hm.

So there you have it! A couple of lesser-known uses for your little ionizer machine! Have any more ideas? Leave us a message in the comments below and share your experiences! And if you already haven’t, check out our comprehensive 2014 Alkaline Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide. You’ll leave with a little more knowledge, and a massive step towards a healthier you!



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