The Future Of Alkaline Water!

Flying sentient self-driving alkaline water ionizers (with lasers)? Maybe one day.. But the truth is that the field of alkaline water is evolving. More and more people are discovering the incredible health benefits of a water ionizer, and ionizers are getting better and better. So how’s it going to be in 5-10 years? 

alkaline girlHealth is getting healthier.

The world is getting more polluted than ever. Yeah, it’s a weird way to start this part off – but it’s true. Air, water and land pollution are becoming more discussed in the public sphere, and a reaction to pollution is growing. So you could say that as our species becomes less healthy, discovering that leads to an inverse reaction where the health movement also grows. People in “the middle” are getting pushed towards the extremes, either choosing to become more healthy or doing nothing and letting the accumulated pollution make them less healthy than ever!

Water ionizer design is evolving!

Just as far back as 5 years ago, most water ionizers were using chemicals to provide alkaline water to their users. This wasn’t exactly what people were looking for, but the plate technology present in today’s leading ionizers wasn’t yet invented! Today’s tech is all about efficiency, power and purity. The 11-plate best-of-the-best ionizers produce better water than ever seen before in ionizer history. They are able to produce the purest water with the most accurate pH, while not wasting any energy using eco-friendly tech!

..into something incredible!

As we keep discovering how to make even more incredible water ionizers, here’s what we can expect:

-Smaller sizes, while still delivering whopping power.

-More eco-friendly power configurations.

-More advanced multi-plate technology.

-Advancements in filteration technology.

-Better business practices! Less MLM, more A+ BBB ratings!

alkaline waterTowards a better planet!

Let’s move towards a more alkaline species! When we are better hydrated and more internally balanced, we have more motivation and energy to create whatever we can dream up! Let’s get collectively better rested, less toxic and more HAPPY! Check out our 2014 Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide and start your journey today!


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