Ionized Water: Your Garden’s New Bestie

We’ve covered hundreds of ways that your water ionizer can benefit you and your family. And yet there are STILL hundreds more! Your ionizer offers you water – one of the most fundamental building blocks of life – in it’s absolute purest and most nutrient-super-charged form.  Today we take a peek at how ionized water can help you outside your home. 

alkaline gardenWith gardening, growth is the name of the game.

When watering your plants and seeds with slightly acidic ionized water, prepare to see quite the reaction. When fed acidic water, plants show a vastly increased nutrient uptake – a benefit that shows in every leaf. Ionized acidic water mirrors plants’ natural food: rainwater. Have you ever noticed how after a good rainfall, your plants tend to sprout as if they were stretching for the clouds? With your ionizer, you can treat your garden to their favorite meal every single day! This means that your ferns grow taller and more robust, while your vegetables retain more nutrients and grow fuller and healthier. So YOU can grow healthier!

Feed your plants as you would feed yourself!

When you feed your garden with treated tap water, the plants are probably freaking out a little bit. If they could talk, your daffodils might be mumbling confusedly. The fact is that many of the metallic elements in treated tap water are simply foreign to your cute little azalea sprouts! Watering plants with treated tap water can lead to blocked nutrient intake, leading to droopy plants and flaccid veggies. Nobody wants that! Especially not you after all the hours you put in to tending your garden! Feeding your  plants ionized water takes seconds, and you’ll see the results in the vibrancy of your little floral friends.

alkaline garden happyWater the garden of your body!

Of course, it’s not just daffodils that can reap the benefits of ionized water. Every cell in your body feels the same as those seedlings! YAY to natural, nutrient-rich water! NOOO to processed, treated water with chemical byproducts. Alkaline ionized water will replenish your cells with real hydration, and your body will start to thank you for the care! Allow yourself to feel as incredible as you are able to. You ARE worth it! Don’t let the haze of an unhealthy body let you believe otherwise. 

If you’re looking for more info on a water ionizer, our Research team has already done 100% of the legwork! Check out our 2014 Ionizer Buyer’s Guide and let yourself grow as well and as full blooming as any plant!

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