What Happens To The Body When It ISN’T Alkaline?

alkaline waterMost of us are used to feeling just “okay” most of the time. Most of us have heavy, accumulated build-up from all the junk we were raised on! How can we expect to feel incredible when we aren’t feeding our bodies stuff that makes our cells positively light up? There’s no shortcut to health – and we can’t keep giving our bodies stuff like glucose-fructose and expect to be vibrant and feeling amazing! So what happens to the body when it ISN’T alkaline? Most likely – you already know. 

Alkaline health = Personal wealth!

I sometimes wish that there was some sort of experimental chamber where you could live a day totally alkaline and then totally acidic just to be able to fully see and feel the difference. I mean, I always thought waking up with energy was reserved only for people on commercials! Little did I know that that is how it is supposed to be. When your body has to deal with a truckload of acidic buildup, how can it possibly be bounding out of bed each morning with a ton of energy? It simply can’t! To actually LIVE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE feeling as though each moment is a physical blessing, rather than a burden, you really need to feed it premium fuel! What you put in is truly what you get out. I’m still coming to understand just how incredibly true that is!

alkaline famAlkaline? All the time. 

The lifelong journey of self-love starts with one supersmall decision to start treating your body BETTER. It’s carrying you after all! The way you treat your body can sometimes reflect on how you feel about yourself – so if you find yourself locked in a pattern of mistreating the body – ask yourself the hard questions! It’s not as scary as it sounds! Ultimately, you will find that you DO deserve to feel better. Even if you still feel like you don’t! You do. Take a stand against the cycle that’s been keeping your body in the same patterns of self-poisoning! We all have to decide at one point that we DO NOT WANT TO FEEL BAD anymore. You aren’t alone – in fact it’s quite the opposite. Every one of us shares the same pattern that tends towards self-destruction – even if the details of the patterns are different for every single person. You can choose to replace these patterns with ones befitting how awesome you really are. You can choose to be well. 


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