How To Properly Store Ionized Water

You get the most health benefits and antioxidant power of ionized water straight from the water ionizer machine, and this is the time when the most beneficial properties of the water, pH and -ORP, are the strongest. Did you know that there are ways to properly store ionized water as well? The following tips are good to know if you give your ionized water to friends and family or if you wanted to know how to store the water for when you are away from home and bring your water with you. Here, we suggest the three best ways to store your ionized alkaline water.

Tips for Storing Ionized Alkaline Water

  • The best containers for storing ionized alkaline water are glass mason jars, BPA-free plastic containers or vacuum-sealed stainless steel bottles.
  • Fill the container to the very top, which prevents the water’s exposure to air. The -ORP tends to degrade when it is exposed to air, so it’s important to avoid any air getting into your container.
  • Store your container in the refrigerator.

How to properly store ionized water -

How Long Does Stored Ionized Water Last?

A Japanese study showed that acidic electrolyzed water could be preserved for one year under shaded and sealed conditions. Acidic electrolyzed water became inert after three days when exposed to light, although pH remained stable for one year. It was found that the quality of alkaline electrolyzed water changes easily regardless of preservation conditions. Therefore, it is best to consume the alkaline ionized water sooner rather than later.

Tips for Storing Ionized Acidic Water and Great Ways to Use Acidic Water Around Your House

  • Store in spray bottles all around your house.
  • Try to use opaque bottles, and store them in cabinets to keep light away from the water.
  • Keep one bottle in the kitchen to sanitize countertops.
  • Keep one bottle of strong acidic water in the bathroom for sanitizing surfaces and getting rid of grime and mildew. It’s the perfect DIY natural cleaner!
  • Keep another squirt bottle of slightly acidic water in the bathroom and use it to spritz your skin after bathing to keep your skin soft and hydrated.

DIY household cleaners -

Knowing how to store your ionized water properly will allow you to take full advantage of all the benefits that alkaline and acidic water have to offer. How do you store your alkaline or acidic water? Do you have any unique ways that you use ionized water in your home or on the road? Let us know!

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