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Introducing Alkaline Water

It seems like every day there’s another miracle cure hitting the market: a berry found hidden in the Amazon, or a tea grown only on the west side of a mountain in the Himalayas, possibly a root’s extract that can cure any ailment. And now, a device that transforms ordinary tap water into alkaline water.


Introducing Kangen Water

Kangen in Japanese translates to “return to origin”. Kangen Water is the brand name given to alkaline, ionized water produced by the Enagic water ionizer. There are many devices that create alkaline ionized water, including Enagic’s multi-level marketing driven SD-501 water ionizer. This website reviews the leading brands of water ionizers, including the Enagic Kangen water ionizer.


Poisonous Plates: Exposing the Lies & Uncovering the Truth

The rumors are all too familiar; “They say that the titanium plates of this ionizer are POISONOUS!” Or, “My uncle’s, friend’s, sister-in-law’s, husband knows someone that was probably harmed by the MELTING plates from that brand of ionizer!” Most people hear the rumors and want to know which ionizer has the safest plates. We, on the other hand, hear the rumors and wonder which uneducated people started them.


5 Warnings to Find in Enagic’s Fine Print

Most other water ionizer manufacturers love to pick on Enagic’s Kangen water ionizer; after all, it’s an easy target. Kangen’s outdated transformer-style power system and plate technology have a difficult time competing with the SMPS-powered slotted or perforated plate design found in better water cells, not to mention the $2650 is commission paid on each Kangen sale.


Is Kangen’s Enagic Ionizer the Best?

Kangen water is a “brand name” for alkaline, ionized water, the same way “Xerox” is a brand name for a photocopy. Most Enagic™ representatives will have you believe there is something different or better about Kangen water, simply because products sold through a multi-level-marketing program require exclusivity, otherwise they often fail to be competitive in the marketplace. There are many good alkaline water ionizers on the market today, and we review and rate them from good to best.


The Billion Dollar Water Ionizer Industry

Alkaline water ionizers are relatively new to America, appearing in the marketplace in just the last 5 or 6 years. However, their recent popularity is growing considerably in parallel with other alternative and complementary health investments. Americans, many of whom are quite frustrated with


Water Bottles Compared

In a perfect world, each person would have their very own water ionizer everywhere they go: home, work, various shopping centers, and everywhere in between. But since not everyone has the luxury of writing for a water ionizer review website (and subsequently is the recipient of dozens of water ionizers for testing and demo purposes),

Glossary & Terms

This section will help you become an expert on all the terms used regarding water ionizers.
Active (activated) CarbonActive carbon – We know this is the age old standard for removing chlorine. It is a good idea to have at least some acive carbon in your filter.

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