Company Overview


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  • PROS

    Best value in the industry.  A great starter water ionizer that uses advanced features such as the LCD touchscreen that are normally only found in luxury water ionizers.  If you have around $1000.00 to spend and you want a very good water ionizer, look no further.  There is nothing in this price range that even comes close.

  • CONS

    We suspect that the price of this water ionizer will increase.  The feature set is so high end, that the price may be being used as a marketing gimmick to get people talking about this little powerhouse.


    Will it contend with the $4000 price range units, no, but it is the very best introductory unit we have ever seen.  The jury is still out on whether or not this unit will remain priced at under $1000.00, but for now, buy one for yourself and tell everyone you know to buy one too.  If you want great alkaline drinking water and don’t need or want all the advanced features that come with units with a luxury price tag, then Hydrent is a great choice.