What To Pick Up! A Guide To Living Alkaline – Part 2

Hey! So last week we took a look at what to put down to start living a life with a more alkaline, balanced pH. Too many products are available that will only serve to appease us short-term through taste – while they wreak havoc on our insides! Today, we’re going to go over a couple of things to pick up in your diet to make sure you are getting the MOST out of each day, and the most out of your body! You don’t want your body to miss out on some these ultra-healthy options. A healthy body means a life FULL of energy! 

What to avoid avoiding! (or something like that.)

alkaline ladyAlkaline water! Of course! Water is the absolute most important element of the human body. Our bodies are ~75% water.. and when that 75% of us is the best possible water available.. expect to see some astounding results. The ionized, restructured water that is available from your water ionizer is full of anti-oxidants, little molecular bodyguards that work to politely excuse all free radicals OUT of your body. It’s also way easier for your body to absorb this superwater – meaning you get more hydration, better hydration AND much quicker than with regular tap liquid. 

Leafy greens! Not your typical salad. Supergreens such as kale, swiss chard and collard can provide and incredible array of nutrients to your body – while rebalancing your body’s pH! These supergreens also contain a healthy amount of iron, something not easily available  to vegetarians.

alkalineUnsalted nuts! Nuts such as cashews, pistachios and walnuts can vastly help your body refill depleted energy levels. They taste great, too!

Sea vegetables! Kelp, seaweed, spirulina… These underrated gems have LOADS of vitamin A. No wonder coastal populations of Japan have some of the longest life spans in the world! 

Apple cider vinegar! This alkaline vinegar goes great with lemon and kale. So throw out those store-bought dressings and experiment using the healthiest ingredients! A great salad goes a long way to maintaining a healthy body.

So there you have it, super-healthy alternatives to supercharge your body. How long are you really going to choose to live without the boundless energy and happiness you deserve? Why not take the first step now? While you’re at it, take a look at the latest line of water ionizers in our 2014 Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide. Our team has done all of the legwork, and has neatly and smartly organized all of the info on modern ionizers into one great package! Did we mention it’s free? 


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