How To Prepare For School: The Big Secret

School is coming back. Yes, yes – we all share a collective shudder at the thought of the summer coming to an end ALREADY. Nevertheless, it’s time to start preparing for the big return to academics. A good start is absolutely crucial to doing well in the year, as some of us have found out the hard way! So! Today we take a peek at some truly pro tips to making sure you get off to a great start in your semester!

alkaline studentRespect the mind-body connect!

We all know nobody is getting A’s when they have depleted energy levels and are completely drained all the time! It takes some treating your body well to get the mind to be fully-functioning. Luckily the incredible benefits of drinking ionized alkaline water extend to academics! After all, when you are fully hydrated and your body has a slightly alkaline pH – you’re going to have the energy to stay up late for those cramming sessions, and without being totally brain-dead! It’s not to say that you can’t have success at school if you’re unhealthy..but it sure is a LOT easier to get those A’s when you have the razor-sharp focus, patience, and information retention skills that only a totally-hydrated alkaline body brimming with energy can provide! 

Alkaline, all the time!

alkaline studentsAs a student, partying is simply part and parcel of the lifestyle. Even the most studious of bookworms needs a night out from time to time! With a diet of alkaline water, your body’s recovery time DRASTICALLY improves. This means no hazy Mondays, and no catching up! The catching-up game is a dangerous road.. but if your body is glowing with alkaline energy, you can avoid it all together. Not to mention, having an alkaline body that isn’t backed up with acidic buildup means that your rest becomes more effective – WAY more effective. So if you find yourself awake at 2:30 going over some final notes, your body will still be refreshed when the alarm clock rings!


School and beyond!

The best part about getting into a healthy groove as a student from early on is that once you see how much health factors into productivity, you won’t ever want to go back to be fatigued and acidic. So starting off the semester right is a big step in the right direction! An alkaline life is one in which you can truly enjoy every moment spent in your body! Live it!

The benefits of drinking ionized alkaline water are seriously beyond number. Check out what your options are as far as performance and price in our 2014 Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide. Honestly, could you ask for a better study buddy?

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