Spring Into Alkalinity! 3 Seasonal Reasons To Alkalize Your Body

Looking out my window, it’s hard to believe it is officially spring.

But! There is a sense of rejuvenation in the air and the weather is getting ever slightly warmer. All the spring tropes are coming into play, such as cleaning and newness and rebirth. It does feel like a sort of end to a hibernation, and with the changing of seasons comes the opportunity for a changing of routine! Ask yourself, what routines would you like to shake off? Which new ones would you like to see manifest? Read on for ways that a water ionizer can contribute to building a new, healthier you!

1. Alkaline water helps to protect you from the dreaded allergy season!

Having a solid, hydrated, alkaline powerhouse of a body allows you to roam the meadow of your choice – without any worries about sneezing the following days away. Allergens prey upon the the weakened acidic states where your body has limited resources and limited energy to expend upon defending your cells. Boost up your immune system by supporting it with the anti-oxidants found in ionized water! 

2. Find natural energy as you properly hydrate yourself.

Don’t feel like you have to force yourself to do some spring cleaning! If sitting down all day is what you are used to, it’s likely because your body isn’t bursting with energy. With the proper bio-available nutrients, you can lose that hefty feeling of dragging your own body around! You would be surprised what being properly hydrated does to one’s motivation. Suddenly, you feel like it’s not a chore to get up and start cleaning – and the energy will keep your body going long past when the broom is put away! 

3. Hibernation time is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good rest.

The quality of your sleep greatly contributes to your energy levels the following day. After all, sleep is the body recuperation time where it bides its energy. So! If you go to sleep with hydrated cells that are bursting with alkalinity, your recuperation time is well spent! Your alkalized body has all of the resources it needs to make sure you wake up with your energy reserves at a shimmering 100%! Compare this to a depleted, dehydrated body trying its best to equip you for the day tomorrow. Our bodies can’t recuperate fully when they are operating on an acidic, dehydrated plateau of efficiency! Make sure your body has what it needs before you sleep and you can count on a deep rest that yields an electric, energized morning!

Allow yourself to feel as good as you possibly can! Let spring symbolize a new start for you – and a new healthy start for your body! Check out our 2014 Ionizer Ranking Chart and find the alkaline water ionizer that’s right for you!


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