Spring Into An Alkaline You!

It’s that time! The birds have started chirping, the snow has dried up, and you may even begin to hear the buzz of lawnmowers. Everything is sprucing up! But.. what about your body? Have you come out of hibernation yet? 

A more alkaline you!

alkaline plantAfter a winter’s worth of staying in, this is the time where your body is ready to burst out of its shell! Take a look outside! Everything is growing and blooming – so follow nature’s lead! In order to feel great, you’ve gotta do a little spring cleaning first! The first step is helping your body rid itself of the heavy metals and toxins that are weighing it down. Luckily, ionized alkaline water does the heavy lifting! As your alkalize your body with alkaline water, you’ll find yourself auto-cleansing and letting go of acidic buildup that’s been in your system. Less acidic gunk means more cool, smooth alkalinity – which can lead to better rest, increased mobility and overall feeling incredible! 

Don’t settle for “just okay”!

alkaline spring‘Tis the season to be breezin’! Don’t be held down by a body that is low energy during this blossoming time of year! You deserve to be truly healthy and truly happy. When you switch over to alkaline water, every aspect can begin to improve. That sounds like a bold claim, but let me explain: when you are only at 50% energy, your whole life suffers. The truth is that most of us live our lives at 50% (or less) and believe that is the “normal”. There’s no comparing to the feeling you get when you tangibly FEEL your body running on all gears, alive with the vibrancy of natural energy. Our bodies are meant to have energy all day! We’ve come to believe that laziness and lethargy are normal parts of the day – the “after-lunch slump” for example. This is normal only when the body is struggling to regain it’s natural energy. Do yourself a favor and help it out! Don’t eat processed convenience food that is designed to tempt you into the cycle of low-energy fuel.

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