Why Students Need Alkaline Bodies

In the midst of finals, I figured now is as good a time as any to have some real talk about academics. Having been a student both when I was treating my body like the average Joe and when I was treating my body the way it deserves to be treated, I can tell you there is just a COLOSSAL difference.

alkaline girlAverage health.. average grades..

It’s not a end-all be-all rule, but when your body is dehydrated, losing energy, under-rested and sapped of nutrients…how well are you really going to do on that final? The fact is that more of your brain is crying out for nutrients.. and that means less energy it will have to expend on tasks like interpreting, storing, recalling and other crucial aspects of preparing for exams. “B-but IonizerResearch guy.. aren’t my mind and body two seperate things?” Most of us are brought up on that view, but we now know that YOU work as a totally connected experience. Your conciousness and your physical life support system (body) have a synched relationship that allows your body to affect your conciousness, and your conciousness to affect your body!

Alkaline adjustments!

When you begin to treat your body well, it’s YOU who reaps the rewards by tangibly feeling incredible! Your brain is really able to operate to the best of its abilities, and studying and recalling information starts to become much easier. Often we can think “well, I’m just no good at studying. I can’t remember anything on test day!” The fact is that once you stop bogging your body down with acidic and treated tap water, you can start to see how good you really are! Alkaline water helps you to flush out your system – meaning the acidic buildup and waste accumulated in your insides starts to leave your body faster – leaving you lighter and with more energy! It’s incredible how much of a difference it makes to be a student with a body that’s ready and raring to go. 

alkaline smileMore A+s, less “ugh, skipping class today”.

Let’s face it, when you have an 8 am class and it’s an hour and a half commute.. chances are you’ll skip more than a couple classes. Enter: The snowball effect. Catching up becomes nigh-impossible because when you DO make it to that early class, your mind and body are exhausted. Then you have to eventually catch up for what you missed in that class because it’s even harder to remember information you encoded while super-tired! When you are habitually drinking alkaline water, your body can end up having much deeper, more restorative rests..leading to booming energy in the morning (the way it’s supposed to be, right?). 

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