Five Tips for Today’s Alkaline Women

It’s summer, it’s hot.. we’re all thirsty. So wait, why choose to hydrate yourself with ionized water? Below, we’ll take a look at a couple of reasons why alkaline water is ideal for the modern woman.

alkaline woman1. The summer of alkaline skin.

With the scorching sun always bearing down on our skin, we must keep hydrated. It juuust so happens that the water that your ionizer gives you can also extremely benefit your skin. Having your cells truly hydrated means that your skin doesn’t crack as easy, allowing for more elasticity and less dryness!

2. The cleansing power of ionized acidic water.

On the subject of skin, you can use your water ionizer to dispense valuable ionized acidic water. This water is INCREDIBLE for the skin! It helps to tighten and smooth skin, and can help to clear up any rashes or similar skin irritations. So while you are drinking ionized alkaline water, keep ionized acidic water on your skin for the absolute best, healthiest skin this season!

alkaline girl happy3. Boundless alkaline energy! Wake up and shake up!

Nobody likes to look and feel tired when they wake up. With a steady diet of alkaline water, your body can operate on a new level of restoration while you sleep! This means you wake up MORE than ready to face the day, and eager to move! Shrug off the habit of getting only-okay sleeps and FEEL the difference.

4. Out with the old! In with the alkaline amazingness!

So, you’ve started to drink alkaline water and you are feeling INCREDIBLE! Like you could run a mile and maintain this energy all day. So what’s going on? You are replacing your old stagnant toxin accumulation with the incredible power of alkaline water. That amazing feeling is your cells rejoicing! Alkaline water allows the accumulated acidity to quickly pass through you, relieving your inner system of the heavy loads of acids.

5. Get even MORE healthy..and easier!

When your body starts to rid itself of all the stuff it couldn’t eject before, you’ll notice you may start to digest better, sleep better, think clearer, etc.. This is because of how IMPORTANT water is to the human body. When it starts getting top of the line water.. it starts to operate as a top of the line machine! This allows you to get even healthier as your body takes more advantage of healthy foods it ingests.

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