The Dehydration Situation: Water You Doing About It?

Let that be the one and only time this year I use that pun. The fact is that already, this summer is HOT. Boil an egg in the pool hot. “Um sir, your hat is melting..” hot.  You catch the drift. So! You have to be vigilant about how much and what kind of water you are drinking. Today, we take a look at the dangers of dehydration.

alkaline hydrationDry and cracked? Or flush with alkaline hydration?

Which would you like to describe your body’s situation? Fortunately, it’s in your hands. With the incredible heat of the summer weather, we have to take measures to keep our body well-hydrated. It’s not enough to make sure that we are drinking enough water, we also have to monitor what kind of water we are drinking! Drinking acidic tap water will hydrate the body, but at a very small efficiency quotient – along with filling the body with fluoride, heavy metals and other toxic chemical byproducts. When you choose to use your ionizer, you are serving your body with ultra-high-quality premium alkaline water.. leading to hydration like you’ve never before experienced! Not to mention the rush of anti-oxidants and alkalinity flowing throughout your newly-ecstatic body!

The dangers of dehydration.

Dehydration can lead to some serious cases of ugh-I-don’t-feel-so-good. Your body is ~75% water, and it NEEDS an abundance of water to survive and thrive! Especially in the heat, where you are sweating out your body’s water content quite quickly. So how do you know if you are beginning to be dehydrated? Your mouth can start to dry up, you may actually stop sweating, you may start to get muscle cramps and heart palpitations.. it’s a dangerous business! Dehydration can also have long lasting effects on joints, reducing range-of-motion and causing aches and pains for a while afterwards. Make sure you are seriously equipped with the BEST water and lots of it!

waves alkaline hydrationThe heavens of hydration!

When your cells get a wave of pure alkaline water, that means the fabric of your body is starting to operate on a much higher gear. Organs can start working better, skin appears to be tighter and more moisturized, even hair starts to appear more lusty and radiant! If it seems weird that water would have all these effects.. remember your body is ~75% water! And now it’s being filled up with the ABSOLUTE highest-quality water that your body can get! Of course, it makes perfect sense. Hydration is of UTMOST importance and especially in the season where your body is the most vulnerable. Take a second and check out our 2014 Ionizer Rankings Chart and if you already haven’t – invest in your health! 

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