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In a perfect world, each person would have their very own water ionizer everywhere they go: home, work, various shopping centers, and everywhere in between. But since not everyone has the luxury of writing for a water ionizer review website (and subsequently is the recipient of dozens of water ionizers for testing and demo purposes), it makes sense that most ionizer owners need an effective and safe method of taking a portion of their alkaline water on the go.

When it comes to transporting alkaline water, two challenges of equal importance appear. The first is to find a safe container that doesn’t leach chemicals in to the water. The second challenge is to retain the alkaline, ionized properties of the water for as long as possible.


Safety First

The more important challenge to consider first is safety. Alkaline, ionized water is different from regular water. We’ve heard a lot of different names for it: restructured, micro-clustered, functional, among others, but the point is this: the same property of the water that makes it more hydrating than regular water also happens to make it more pervasive. And that means that alkaline water leaches chemicals from storage containers at an alarming rate. Considering the porosity of a container’s material, the increased pH of alkaline water will leach chemicals at a rate much faster than that of regular water.

Regardless of which pseudo-science is published this week regarding how safe (or dangerous) plastic bottles are, our advice is simple: avoid it. Between the various contradictory reports, unknown chemical compounds that have yet to be proven toxic (or non-toxic), and bisphenol A (BPA), the best strategy is to simply seek an alternative until you reach a level of confidence in the product. As a general rule, BPA-free harder plastics are a safer bet than softer plastics, but caution is urged regardless.

In the interest of safety, the best alternatives to plastic bottles are either glass containers or stainless steel bottles manufactured without a plastic food-grade coating (which often contains BPA – double check this before using!).


Prolonging the Benefits

Once you agree on the value of using a safe, non-leaching bottle, the next goal is to choose one that captures and holds the pH and oxidation reduction potential (ORP) value of the water for the greatest period of time. The properties of alkaline, ionized water will begin to dissipate shortly after produced by a water ionizer, with nearly all of the value vanishing in about 24 hours. Depending on how quickly you plan to consume the water will determine to what length you may want to go to retain the properties.

Alkaline, ionized water’s three biggest enemies are exposure to light, increased temperatures and air. While glass may be the safest container for storage, its fragility and inability to address alkaline water’s detractors make it less appealing than BPA-fee stainless steel bottles.

While stainless steel bottles offer consistent protection from light, they tend to avoid the issue of air and magnify the problem of heat. Anyone that’s left a stainless steel bottle in a car on hot day knows just how fast the water inside heats up to (and often beyond) the relative temperature.

GoodLife Bottles Designed for Alkaline Water

Specifically engineered to address the common problems that face alkaline water enthusiasts, GoodLife Contemporary Drinkware created a series of BPA-free stainless steel bottles featuring a custom vacuum-seal cap to limit prolonged exposure to air. Further, the dual-walled design provides a layer of insulation that seriously slows down the rate at which the contents change temp, helping keep alkaline water cold for up to 24 hours (with a few ice cubes). The GoodLife “Traveler” is our pick for “Best Water Bottle”. It’s 700mL, looks sharp, and still fits in an ordinary car cup-holder. Check it out at www.goodlifebottles.com !

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