What’s Going On With Our Water??

The water situation for your average North American seems a bit limited at first glance. On one hand, you have tap water – or “tap liquid” as some like to call it. With all of the additives and impurities, tap water isn’t a viable solution to your family’s hydration needs! So, what exactly does that leave?

The “C” Options

First up – we have your standard water bottle. Some explicitly say “spring water”, but there’s so much those two words don’t say. What is the quality of the spring? What is the air quality around the spring? Of course, there are then those bottles that aren’t even spring water… at that point you’re paying for tap liquid with the added bonus of planet-destroying plastic. Yikes. Up next, tap water filters such as Brita. If you pass tap water through a filter, some of the impurities are removed… keyword here being “some”. 

alkaline kidThe “B” Options

Alright, next we look at the “OK” options. We start with bottled alkaline water. Now, everyone knows how beneficial it is to have your body in a slightly alkaline state. The problem with this option is that it leaves behind a plastic trail that – quite honestly – our planet doesn’t need right now. Yes, a portion of it is recyclable – but a portion isn’t enough. The world needs us to take responsibility for our pollution footprint, and buying the amount of bottled water that we need to hydrate ourselves just doesn’t cut it. 

There’s also the lower-grade ionizer option. The problem is that these ionizers can be inaccurate and shoddily-made and some of them even still use chemicals in order to alkalize their water! When you take a look at our higher-rated ionizers that are available for around the same price – the only thing that comes to mind is “why bother?”

The “A” Alkaline Options!

The highest-rated ionizers we review all produce ionized alkaline water without leaving a plastic trail or jeopardizing your health! There’s really no reason to settle for anything less than the best in terms of performance, value and reliability. You deserve to have the best possible water for your body and your wallet! An alkaline water ionizer is far and away the best addition to your kitchen!

Check out our highest rated ionizers here! Start feeling freakin’ amazing! 

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