Why All The Chatter About Alkaline Water?

So, you’ve probably heard of this “alkaline water” business. Well by now, of course you have – we’ve made a whole website about how awesome it is! So, why’s this stuff so great? Well – it has to do with why we we feel so tired all the time. Ever get out of bed- actually, I should stop there – ever wake up, roll over and spend the next 5-10 minutes on your phone, awash in the comfort of your bed? You aren’t exactly bounding out of bed to greet the day, right? It’s pretty hard to do that when you wake up and you don’t feel energized!

Experience alkaline health! 

alkaline girlThink back to yesterday. Was there a time where you could say you felt “fully energized”? If so, how long did it last? 5 minutes? A half-hour? Here’s the truth: the human body is built to feel AMAZING. Imagine living every minute of every day in that electric, happy energy that you feel from time to time. It IS possible and it IS yours if you want it! If you really do want to feel amazing – say it out loud! Remind yourself that you do, in fact, want to feel great! That’s the only Step 1 you need. If you do Step 1 enough, and really DESIRE to feel amazing – Step 2 and all the others will be automatic. The secret has always been obvious, yet so easily forgettable: It’s what you put into your body.  When you put in convenience food, greasy stuff, over-salted “snacks” and *shudder* soda (sugar water, as we call it), you aren’t giving your body much to work with. In fact, now your body has to direct energy towards digesting these things that it doesn’t recognize as natural from-the-earth food. 

Alkaline water is like your super-premium fuel. 

Picture your body like a supercharged, state-of-the-art machine designed to make you feel AMAZING. The ONLY thing this machine needs is good food and water – it will take care of the rest. alkaline dudesIf you choose to put in alkaline, green veggies, nuts, fruit and pure, crystal-clear alkaline water from a water ionizer – you won’t just feel great. Your life will change. We dare you! Try it for one week – eating absolutely nothing but the freshest, greenest and healthiest food you can buy. Check out our Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide to get the info on all of the ionizer companies that are out there – we’ve rated and reviewed them all. Some companies have a trial period where you can try an ionizer in your home and see how it works for you. We beg of you to ask the question: “Why not?”

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