Why Should I Own An Ionizer?

Okay, I must confess. Today’s blog is going to take a little turn for the unexpected. Today, we are going to look at  reasons why people would NOT choose to own an alkaline water ionizer. After all, some of you readers probably haven’t upgraded to an ionizer as of yet – and your issues should be addressed. So! Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons why people may not want to own a water ionizer. 

happy healthy1. Alkalinity won’t REALLY change my life..

The thing about living with your body in a constant state of “okay” is that it’s almost impossible to see past that way of life. There’s no point of reference outside of what you’ve always known, and you can’t exactly imagine how it feels to feel incredible and full of energy. It must be experienced! I know I used to think that healthiness wouldn’t REALLY change my life. I mean, you’d have nutrients or whatever but you’d still essentially feel the same, right? I am still discovering how much YOUR ENTIRE WORLD changes when you start treating your body right and feeding it what it’s always been wanting. We only have one life. And to never experience what our bodies and minds are really capable of doesn’t have to be the case! We have the power to throw what we have become accustomed to to the wind and say “Screw it! I want to FEEL GOOD!”. It doesn’t have to be a huge intimidating life change that can scare you off from changing anything. It’s truly in the little, easy steps to get the ball rolling. Drinking alkaline water, eating less processed foods and going to sleep earlier can lead to MASSIVE life-changing alterations down the road. You aren’t expected to go from 0 to 100. It’s a process! What matters is your direction. It all starts with you, and a simple desire to feel better, beyond what you can imagine. You do deserve to be happy. 

healthy body water2. It’s too expensive..

If the first thing you see while looking for a water ionizer is a scary price tag, there’s two things you should know. One: water ionizers come in a variety of qualities and costs – so the ionizer you may have happened upon may not be the best one for you. Check out our Water Ionizer Rankings Chart to see an array of different choices, one of which could be perfect for you. Two: Ultimately, a water ionizer does pay for itself, no matter the initial price! Think of all the money you spend on water bottles, not to mention the greater issue of potential health concerns down the road. If we’re talking about money.. hospital bills add up. It’s not fun to talk about but taking care of yourself in the present becomes taking care of yourself in the future (I should write Hallmark cards).

In short, you don’t HAVE to be well to yourself – you aren’t a worse person because of it nor is anyone shouting in your ear to get healthy. You are the boss of you. CHOOSE to be well to yourself. You do deserve it and an entire other reality of feeling great each moment is around the bend. 



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