Alkaline Alertness: Start The Day Right!

If you are anything like me, you have the odd day in your week where it’s impossible to get up in the morning. The story goes: Snooze button. Snooze button. Open cell phone (while Snooze buttoning). FINALLY you get up in time for a barely-breakfast, and rush out of the house. It’s rough to deal with a body that isn’t fully recharged, even rougher to deal with a body operating on a quick junk breakfast! If only there were some way to help the body avoid this pattern..

Alkaline water: Your body’s best friend (that it secretly has a crush on).

alkaline ladyFirst up: your sleep. Sleep is essentially the body recharging and replenishing reserves to face the day ahead, right? But, what if it can’t do that properly? Well.. then you end up with a situation like the one described above! Your body can’t properly replenish when it isn’t..properly replenished. So, how does one help their body help itself? Easy! Ionized alkaline water: The absolute most beneficial super-water that one could possibly come across. You don’t have to go on a trek through the Mayan rainforest to get this treasure either – it can be yours in unlimited quantities, from your very own home!

Your alkaline water ionizer: The best thing since.. sleep! 

When you drink alkaline water, the restructured molecules of the ionized alkaline water allow for hyper-absorbability (it’s a word) of the water into your cells. This means your cells – the mini-things that make up every single part of you – are able to totally hydrate themselves, allowing for your body to wholly operate on another level! When I say another level, I mean ANOTHER level. The difference between a half-depleted body and a body whose cells are BURSTING with alkaline hydration.. it’s something that literally must be felt to be believed. 

alkaline wakeGo to sleep refreshed = Wake up refreshed!

When your body begins sleep as it is coursing with alkaline hydration, its restorative capabilities truly come alive. Your body is able to do EXACTLY what it needs in its period of rest, and all of this adds up to you feeling absolutely freakin’ amazing after a good night’s sleep! As we all know, most of the time, your days are as you start them. Start your days feeling fantastic, and feel fantastic throughout! Why not? You deserve to live every moment with your body helping you along.. not hindering you! Check out what the Research guys have to say about the latest line of water ionizers over at our 2014 Water Ionizer Rankings Chart. Sleep well, live well! 

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